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  1. Have you any way to prove the one you object to be incorrect? What was metaphysics based on? Is gravity real?
  2. How does this affect global warming?
  3. Do you think The Matrix was a good movie?
  4. Morpheus


    Would you like a nice holocaust with floods everywhere?
  5. Pregnancy mistakes? Penis friction burn? Vaginal bleeding? Loss of interest? Nymphomania? Boredom?
  6. Morpheus


    Was Atlantis not a city which was technologically advanced? Why would someone disbelieve in the City of Atlantis? Did this city not have a vast surplus of gold? Wouldn't you consider the idea of a technologically advanced civilization using gold for conductors?
  7. Would it be better to study physics since the courses are more transferrable than electronic's? Would you choose physics over electronics if you were in College? To the core, aren't electronics based on physics?
  8. Don't you think since that you are in charge of driving a car that you will be able to kill the other driver instead of killing yourself? Can someone do that with planes?
  9. Don't you think manipulation of two people to have the same response is great? Can you help me or not?
  10. Does anthropology have more of an accurate and scientific structure that can be applied more realistically than sociology?
  11. What do you think a statement is?
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