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  1. "For hundreds of years, many people have tried to prove the Four color theorem wrong. But they have all failed miserably... Now. After countless fails. ****** comes and shows the world that he is the smartest person ever borned!!! Yes, I have made a picture that is impossible to color all the regions using at most four colors so that no two adjacent regions have the same color. Btw. Here is the picture See you guys at the nobel price show thingy." can someone beat it so we on anuther forum can make him be abit more... humble
  2. got it likte it good for avarage joes like me
  3. well... time to find a nice guy i gues but aint that a color seeing test?
  4. be upp for 2 days drink lots of *ehum*^^ + energy drinks and run araund like crazy and your gona have a nice and wonderfull blackoute
  5. @insane_alien + Sisyphus ahh, thanks and yeah, flying is the art of falling and missing the ground gues where i all my bruces comed from whene i was younger xD @ydoaPs oh how helpful, and just pointing oute that im swede and got swedish spell checing...
  6. yes it migth be a simple question (or not) but im 15 and not som damn brainy astronom well, thise has bugged me some time, why dose it realy do that, why dose the earth spin araund the sun? usealy you just get the answer "gravity!" but if i understand it rigth gravity would make the eart crash into the sun, but it spinns making centrifugal force or what its calld creating a midstate of not geting flung oute into the nothingnes and not crashing into the sun. (lagom is da shitz^^) but iv never got the question why dose the earth spin to startwhite? why did it start? so can anyo
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