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  1. hm....the shortest path possible..sounds like photons are pretty smart huh So how does space time curvature do this?
  2. ...My question is if photons are "massless" then why do massive bodies perturb their natural course..? Another question is if light does create a space time flux, which produces gravity....why does the moon still orbit earth in its Umbra?
  3. I really don't think common sense was ever attained by the majority in the first place....
  4. you have to be joking.......This is the saddest excuse of a theory I have ever seen. Just like the sun god riding his charriot explains why the sun rose and fell in ancient times.... Another half-baked theory to revitalize the church
  5. If someone found a way to live forever; would you want to?......what would you do?....
  6. ok....light is noticed by the eyes..and sound by ears....those are two different type of waves only notices by human senses... so why couldn't there be anything we missed
  7. maybe, what i was saying..is isn't it logical to reason that there is another type of matter moving much faster than light particles?
  8. Yes. the special theory of relativety, but light in its reference frame from which is was propegated is constant........
  9. I would like to know what scientists are searching for, and what about like gravity....i know its a force, but besides that why does it propegate..and why isn't there anything faster than light...since it's a wave...and sound is also..why wouldn't it make sence that there is a faster type of wave?
  10. Humans I think have only gotten to where we are due to our great capacity for memory...and language. Yes with those 2 things...BOOM, the dawn of man! Our instincts then were not only from our genes...but language. NO more natural selection! Now with thousands of years of recorded history to teach man his lessons; the wholeness of our difference from animal is the evolution of instinct! Whats next? Maybe a universal language? If we could read anothers mind ... then maybe would man evolve into something even better!
  11. Yes...exactly gas is being push upwards....by the way a feather, and lead fall at the same rate in a vacuum....so gravity pulls on all density of objects the same.
  12. Gravity Has To Be A Push And A Pull -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gravity-the natural force of attraction exerted by a celestial body, such as Earth, upon objects at or near its surface, tending to draw them toward the center of the body. Buoyancy-The upward force that a fluid exerts on an object less dense than itself. Bouyancy and gravity are the opposite of each other, while bouyancy explains the rising of gas, and gravity explains the falling of more dense matter. SO, they are directly correlated in the sence that both are to explain the movement of matter about celestial bodies. These are 2 explainations for opposite reactions.... maybe i may be crazy i guess, but wouldn't one rule for both in many cases solve much more than multiple theories? So maybe Gravity is a push and a pull!
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