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  1. I dont know exactly what kind of rice you are eating but keeping the glycemic index in mind the white rice will make your blood sugars rise high and then crash as it is not complex and will be broken down quickly as compared to something like brown rice. Both high and low blood sugars from diabetes makes me rather tired. Not to mention like every one else said more energy is used for digestion rather than to your head.
  2. I know people are going to ridicule me for dropping this name on he but Joe Rogan talk of a chemical in the brain as well as in plants called dimethyltryptamine or DMT. It is found in you brain as well as many plants. Theoretically mass amount of it are pumped out before you die as well as when you dream. Here is a video of him talking about it, it is worth a listen. If you want to learn about it from a more scientific point of view a book called "The spirit molecule" gets much more in depth about the chemical stating how it is synthesized in the brain, how it may be the reason for stress induced hallucinations, the flash before you die, mystical experiences from religion/meditation and dreaming. Here is a free PDF http://rs493.rapidshare.com/files/205820968/DMT_The_Spirit_Molecule.pdf If your real lazy there is a movie online to but haven't seen it.
  3. Im sorry I confuse psychologist and psychiatrist quite frequently... I know there are many areas I did ignore but really it would be a the length of a book and I know many will not read such a lengthy post to make for discussion on a forum.. please by all means share you knowledge of psychology I didn't post to prove my self right just to discuss the subject. Looking back at the question at hand I was wrong to say all of psychology is false just any that deals with the mind more specifically individuals as it is all nothing that we can experience. The only subjects that are really is a good predictor of behavior and what your personality would be like social psychology and sociology. Even in social psychology it says that the power of the situation is more powerful than the mindset. For example lets say you were able to analyze every German before WWII. More than likely you would say on average every individual is relatively healthy and would not turn into genocidal killing machines. How ever when you look at the nation as a whole and the situation their in social psychology would be a great predictor of a idea situation for mind control. Really I just don't see how a there is such a big backing of a science studying the individual mind (psychology) when really there should be a bigger backing on groups and situations (sociology). I took over 3 years of psychology and changed my major to chem there went three years of college oh well at least I got my core classes done.
  4. I would definitely say no. All because some one knows business does not mean they can control it. Science is testable repeatable and predictable, knowing the rules of science can help you predict the out come. Simply knowing the rules of economics does not guarantee any thing and the same result will never happen twice. It is I my eyes controlled by the elite who have money and the common people that do good are far and few. The common people that do well are few who have a good idea and manage the money well, most get rich mismanage the money and hit rock bottom all over again.
  5. I was studying psychology and really found it disappointing. Most of the basis for psychology was from drug addicted sexist men like Freud or biased as many of the older psycho analyst did not know the proper population selection. Psychology seems to take a one size fits all kind of approach. As I would read the development of child hood and adolescence I keep thinking to my self I don't relate at all to what this book is saying. Piaget says that you move up from one stage to another and cannot move on until that stage is completed. Almost instantly I would disagree and say that different children will grasp different concepts of logic at different times and rates. Not to mention Piaget used his children of all people who probably all had very similar life experiences. Another thing I hate about psychology is the use of medication for things like depression. My father for example has PTSD from Vietnam, undoubtedly he does suffer from issues from the war. But it is hard to understand why a psychologist would prescribe him a drug that changes his brain chemistry when it is not the levels of serotonin in his brain making him depressed it was the environment. Im not saying some people really don't have lower levels of serotonin and respond well to anti-depressants but what I am saying is since his brain chemistry was fine in the first place why wouldn't the psychologist decide to work out the repressed issues with therapy which is permanent and drug free. Lastly have you ever experienced someone else's thoughts? Didn't think so, for all I know your mind and though could and probably does work completely different. Who are you to take a cookie cutter approach to my problems when you in reality know nothing about me. With out actually measurements and physical data this makes this science very and almost to abstract. I know this science uses correlations and statics to more accurately diagnose problems but in the end there are only a hand full of different kinds of medications for a few problems yet it seems like every one is recommenced medication for any mental disorder. In the end I look at psychologist as legal drug dealers who feed on people looking for a quick fix with a pill when in reality they should take the time and work things out. The best people to work those things out are really friends and family who know you and not some shrink who read a book and is going to take a cookie cutter approach. You don't need psychology to really stay mentally healthy just good support. If you really have no one to talk to then pay a shrink, but wouldn't you fell more satisfied talking to some one who really wants to listen rather than paying them?
  6. This may not fit all of your descriptions of coherent thought but I find some example of animals very interesting as they are very human like, for example in apes (or guerrillas or both not 100% sure) when the mate dies there have been cases of the spouse experiencing depression displaying cohesion, also another good example is their use tools like sticks to gather bugs which to us is not very advanced but in the animal world such use of a tool is extraordinary. Dolphins as well as humans have casual sex as well casually and not for mating purposes, not sure exactly how that one would fit into coherent thought but could possibly show intimacy between animals much like humans. "Upon watching a documentary, a dog was able to understand when it chose a positive symbol ‘+’ as opposed to a negative symbol ‘-’ it was rewarded by being given a treat. The symbols were then replaced by images; one which would mean being given a treat and one which wouldn’t. Needless to say the dog was soon able to learn which one meant which! The dog was then shown a negative image (one which it had never been given a treat from) to a brand new image, the dog as I believe most humans would also have chose went for the brand new image in the knowledge that the other image had never given it a treat before. This to me suggests that this dog had basic reasoning yet it was put it to me that it was just training. If these images were replayed for a second time, but this time the brand new image did not give it a treat on the third time of being shown the images what would the dog do?" The only thing I could think to argue against this is possibly that the - sign eventually evoked a Pavlovian response but that really is of a reaction than a thought
  7. i did a search for pharmaceutical research and development but only really came up with more articles and new on the subject... and pharmacology seems to deal with how medications effect the body more than developing medications. I was looking at getting involved in drug discovery and developing new analogs... Wikipedia seems to give a good description of what medicinal chemistry is but I believe it goes under many names http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medicinal_chemistry Oh yes as far as location for schooling I would like to stay in Florida as I will soon have residency and will make cost go way down but it seems University of Florida is the only option and unfortunately my grades from early semesters are dragging my grades down and I know UF is not very leanent on grades for pharmacy school applicants. Currently my grades are around 3.2 or so but over all is probably lower and I think may be good enough for some less prestigious pharmacy schools like Palm Beach Atlantic, and NOVA southeastern
  8. Hello I am slightly more than half way though earning my degree for Biotech. I want to pursue a career in medicinal chemistry doing research and development of medicine. I plan on getting a masters and then enter the job market as my funds for school will probably be exhausted by then but I am aware that I really need a doctorates for a R&D position. I would still need to work though so my question is can I earn my doctorates part time? Also I am having trouble finding university's that have the major under medicinal chemistry. Is this major some times called something else. I cannot tell what kind of post graduate school I need to attend as well it seems to fall under pharmacy while others say it falls under med school.
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