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    play guitar, people watch, rock climb, weight lift, kung fu, rap with DJs at music venues all over the states
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    grew up in Austin, Tx, favorite place to visit is San Francisco, freestyle hip hop rhymes in clubs, enjoy analyzing what makes up human interactions, made As in biology in high school, want to be a photojournalist for National Geographic ultimately
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    student and history tutor
  1. I am an undergrad at Austin Community College trying to major in Geology, and found out today in Physical Geology class i am colorblind to certain colors and couldn't tell the difference between grey and green when trying to define a igneous rock I get the impression this inability to tell the difference between colors will prevent me from being a geologist, won't it? Any easier science degrees? Never great in math either, and thought i'd over come this by using different electronic tools/software or hiring an undergrad once i'm a geologist. Any suggestions for an alternative science degree not math intensive...biology maybe? Any suggestions for a math crippled, colorblind once geology major student?
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