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  1. so it is based on the length of the chromosome?
  2. The further apart the alleles are on the chromosome the more likely a cross over. Can someone explain to me why this happens? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedto be more specific, why is it less likely that crossing over would occur between two alleles that are closer together?
  3. How many mol of NaHCO3 are needed to completely neutralize 1 mol of H2SO4? answer is 2 mol but why? How many mol of Na2CO3 are needed to completely neutralize 1 mol of H2SO4? answer is 1 mol Na2CO3 (accepts 2 H+) These are notes I wrote in class but i'm not understanding what the question is or why this happens.
  4. 2H3PO4_Aq_ + 3CA(OH)2 --------> 6H20_liq_ + Ca3(PO4)2_Solid_ complete ionic: 2H3PO4 + 3Ca + 6OH---->6H20+ Ca3(PO4)2 Why doesn't phospohoric acid break down. I understand that it is a strong acid, but could someone give me a better explanation than that?
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    ok, one more question. During Interphase, are the chromosomes considered chromatin at this point or are they just considered really thin chromosomes.
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    I'm just learning mitosis for the first time so bare with me here. I understand that during interphase the chromosomes are difficult to see. Also they duplicate during S-phase. 1)Are they chromatin at this point or still chromosomes? 2)How are the male and female traits divided at this point? If they are chromatin how are they divided? If they are chromosomes how are they divided?
  7. In the natural selection section of my biology book it says that several species originated from one species. Nature then selected who would survive and who would die out based on the strength of the species (the features that were most advantageous etc.) Here are my questions: 1. Where did all of the other species come from? Were they genetic mutations or were they modified? And if they were modified how were they modified? 2. My book also states that there was descent with modification. How did these modifications come about? Did the environment trigger these modifications? 3. Doesn't this whole theory of nature selecting the stronger species favor creationism over evolution? My knowledge on evolution is rudimentary, but from what my book is telling me, there was no such thing as evolution. Several species already existed and the strong survived. can someone please explain this to me?
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