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  1. Thanks to everyone for their advice. So far, I've tried the cleaning with a paste of flour & vinegar - Left to dry and then cleaned off. This hasn't touched the lead staining at all. Will try and obtain the hydrochloric acid - I believe that's sold as Spirits of Salts here in the UK? Will let you know progress!
  2. stringJunky - The text you've found EXACTLY describes the problem... So it looks like lead compounds on the glass, beyond the basic compounds? It's very well dried on (over several years) and normal cleaners do not work at all. So, has anyone any ideas on how to shift it!!!
  3. New to this forum and completely inexperienced in Chemistry! Just desperately need some sound advice! I have double-glazed windows with leaded lights (type where lead strips are applied to surface of glass). Over time, dreadful white staining has come from the lead and run down the glass... My internet research leads me to believe this could be calcium carbonate staining... but I stand to be corrected! I've tried all manner of household cleaners on this, plus other receommendations of vinegar, lemon juice and elbow-grease, etc - No luck. Is is likely that this is calcium carbonate staining and if so what chemical/method could be used to remove it without damaging the glass... and if so preferably somehting the "man in the street" could easily obtain to do the job? Hope someone can advise! Thanks.
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