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    horseback riding, drawing, painting, reading, writing, dancing, colorguard, playing piano, talking to my long-term boyfriend, matt <3
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    i go by the name of ashley. i'm very analytical and cannot observe things as a whole. i must break them down and analyze each individual part. i'm particularly interested in forensics and criminal justice, along with psychology.
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  1. i have a horse that i could ride places... lol. but i don't think that people would appreciate it when she took a dump on their lawn or driveway.
  2. beautyundone


    *giggle* i see your point.
  3. is that thing supposed to be a living creature???
  4. beautyundone


    ^ that wasn't very nice. i'm offended. lol. women aren't THAT bad. geez.
  5. i'm lost and failing to understand your point. sorry.
  6. no idea as to how you could possibly be homosexual? you were raised normally, etc? are you POSITIVE you have no genetic mutation of any sort that could cause you to be like this?
  7. maybe you could move. or else everytime they make a noise, bang on the wall and yell. that might get the point across. or send them an anonymous letter telling them to keep it down.
  8. life isn't fair. if that were the case, i could accuse my mother of doing the same thing concerning myself and my sisters. i end up getting blamed for everything. but that's just the way the cookie crumbles and there isn't anything i can do about it, so i don't bother.
  9. yes, but if being homosexual felt natural to them then one of two said things would have to make it feel natural. no one grows up straight and then says "i think i'll be homosexual just for the heck of it". i do not think it is a choice, such as many people make it out to be, who you are sexually attracted to.
  10. i'm going to state my opinions, just for the record. i believe that there are two things which could cause a person to be homosexual 1) a psychological disorder, formed from experience and the way one is raised. 2) a chemical imbalance (males end up with more estrogen than they should have, etc.) or a genetic mutation... basically, something that they cannot control. if you think about it, who would choose to be homosexual? who would CHOOSE to be ridiculed and looked down upon by so many people for the rest of their lives?
  11. are you comparing your manager to the police?
  12. so we drop all the laws and police and all live in flowers and joy? even if you take away the people that enforce the laws, there are most certainly still going to be people who commit bad acts, if not more of them. what are we to do with sex offenders if there are no laws or police? pat them on the head and give them a cookie? that's not going to help anything. they'll still hurt people, taking the joy away from all of the people they hurt. so really, it's the offenders that TAKE AWAY the beauty of life, not the police.
  13. well aren't you sweet. no, i don't need you as a friend, thanks. i wouldn't want someone like you as a friend.
  14. please don't try to invoke the 'woe is me' sympathy-seeker. i'll be perfectly knowledgeable as to what i'm doing, thanks. i will be working mostly with the evidentiary part of the case, and evidence (dna, fibers, hairs, fingerprints) doesnt lie.
  15. well, that's what i want to do with my life. i want to try and make a difference, if only a miniscule one.
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