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  1. Hey, I just wanted to come back with the results... So here's what I did. I boiled the skull in ordinary water for about 45 minutes. I then removed the dry skin and hair left. I cleaned it with antibacterial dihwashing soap. I scrubbed it softly with an old toothbrush, I found it was easier to use then a used cloth. I finally put it in some hydrogen peroxide. Scrubbed the little parts with it, and let it dry. It worked very well, for someone who didn't have ressources or money. For now, the skull is doing good. It just took a little yellowish tint, but nothing too bad. Thank you
  2. A few months ago, I was walking on a railroad and encountered a dead rodent (maybe a ferret, a badger, a raccoon...) on the tracks. Yesterday I went there again and noticed the corpse was still there. The whole flesh was completely decomposed, all that was left was a clean, white, intact skeleton with some little dry hair and skin on the sides. It was a pretty neat sight. In fact, it was so nice and in perfect condition, that I thought I'd like to take the skull back home. I even turned it over to see that there wasn't a trace of brain tissue left. I'll wait to have some gloves and
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