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  1. Ok, so what was the answer? BTW read my signature line for those trying to make sense of what I wrote.
  2. |=|A cow and a goat eat all the grass of a pasture in 45 days. The (same) cow and a duck eat the grass in 60 days, and the duck and the goat east the grass in 90 days. The cow eats the same amount of grass as the duck and the goat together. But you have to take into consideration that new grass grows continuously.|=| (Ci+Cng)(Gi+Gng)=45 (Ci+Cng)(Di+Dng)=60 (Di+Dng)(Gi+Gng)=90 (Ci+Cng)=(Di+Dng)(Gi+Gng) lol...They can never finish the grass.
  3. "It has been postulated that perhaps it is the process of accelaration that makes light speed impossible. If one can instantly travel at light speed (like a photon does) maybe one doesn't 'accumulate' infinite mass."------ This is the only valid point I could gather from all the verbage above. But there's a flaw in this statement also. Photon doesn't just choose to instantly travel at the light speed since it's actually a "REAL" particle like an electron which falls into a lower quantum state which releases this "energy". So you get light traveling at the speed of itself which is actually being caused by MASS.
  4. Hahaha ambition is always good. But knowledge is a good limit for the function of ambition. It's all math.. F(ambition)=sum of Knowledge, experience and dedication. Good thing is this equation is linear which means you get to add all the parts and actually make something out of it that's useful at the right TIME.
  5. Time dilation has nothing to do with which apparatus you use to measure "time". Time is relative to space. Think of measuring "time" as distance traveled by a photon between two differenct spatial boundries. The closer you can get to the speed of that photon the slower time will seem to you because of the distance being traveled is being observed from much closer distance.
  6. MMMMM does 0 Kelvin make any sense to any of you? Van der waals won't work because it's still based on Newtonian physics. You'll need Wave functions to actually quantify the quantum vaccum space. Think of it like looking at a hole in the ground, you know it's a hole because you see the ground on the edges of the hole. You'll have to use Schdronger's Wave mech. to know the "quantum ground" to see the "quantum hole" which would be vaccum. And it can't be a "particle" since "photon, boson, or whatever else you want to call it" are based on "wave/particle" concept. I think it's a very good question but we need revised quantum theory to go further. Perhaps a blend of wave mech., probablity and something I'm not very fond of "Strings".
  7. Ok I don't get it. If gravitation is the governing force for limitation of vibration in strings than we are just stuck at the horizon because the radiation coming out of the black hole should have some effect on the vibrations of strings. That is assuming these strings are the fundamental blocks because so far quantum has not proved or disproved there existence. As far is "punching a hole" goes that would disrupt the warping of space and time because now the so called "Fabric of space" is not continuous. The whole relativity idea breaks if that happens because eventually all mass would disappear. Than what happened to conservation of energy?
  8. It only "seems" like it's traveling in the past because your reference point is ahead of it.
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