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  1. Dear Forum, I need a simulation program that could be used to optimize the free air flux distribution of a pulse coil (capacitive discharge). I would like to change parameters and see a plot of flux lines around the coil, and be able to determine Gauss levels at different points. Does anyone know of anything that will do this? Thank you very much! Sincerely, Mike B)
  2. Dear Forum, I have found a company in Switzerland who claims to have developed a version of the "Sterling Engine" that uses compressed helium to produce electricity. Supposedly, they are close to a finished product that will "revolutionize energy production". I am not smart enough to analyze the technology, but am interested in it. Do you think this is feasible? Here are some links: http://www.kendersolar.com/index.php/The-solar-technology-of-the-Kender-Engine-Phase-1.html http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:_Kender_Solar_Inc I appreciate any input! Thanks, Mike B)
  3. Thanks Guys! I'll be looking for an exit on this stock; and will post your comments on the message board. Your expert analysis will save many people a lot of hard earned finances. Best regards! Sincerely, Cburg
  4. Dear Forum, I have run across a very interesting machine that I was wondering if someone might could comment on. It is a version of the Sterling Engine, that uses a turbine instead of a piston. They have just completed phase I testing, and say it was successful. Here is a link: http://www.kendersolar.com/ This describes the technology: http://www.kendersolar.com/index.php/The-solar-technology-of-the-Kender-Engine-Phase-1.html They claim that the energy extracted by the solar panel produces more energy than what it takes to drive the compressor to circulate the helium, and results in: "The system produces 39 kW of power (47 kW by the turbine, less 8 kW for the compressor). That is equivalent to 53 horse power, or enough energy to supply energy for 12 homes." Does this sound theoretically possible? Any comments would be appreciated; or please forward to anyone who might could comment. Thank you, and have a blessed day! Sincerely, Thomas M. Edmonds Christiansburg, VA
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