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  1. Oh my God... I got the next development in... what do you think of the amplification of your thoughts?
  2. You're actually not to far off here... Telepathy can be confused with Light Telekenesis... how can I tell the difference between what I am hearing, like soft sissing or voices in the background which my ears pick up and genuine Telepathy? The answer is that Telepathy is not limited by distance, it comes in the forms of thoughts and can be interpreted as sound by the brain if it gets to cross-wired. So, distinctly, it is not exactly the same as turning on your radio and hearing volume, though indeed similar... Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged By who...? Radio and Microwave go through the ether medium... Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged I have already stated myself that such outdated experiments are not valid, so your argument is weak. If one can at this time communicate over many km's with mobiles and technology using the laws of physics then how in anyway can the human brain be exempt from these natural laws. The point remains, one can send information remotely and even make it audible, it is therefore not impossible for thoughts to be transmitted, just not withing present scientific and/or technological development to prove... see other messages... Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged If you apply your argument to only certain events then you may be right. But, I am talking about the global possibility of being able to transmit your thoughts... Your whole being even has its own resonation frequency, your body, your heart, your brain all give off waves and signals... what you want to apply this to, is your choice, it does not take away from the potential ability within even genetics to transmit and receive thoughts. So, it is neither illogical nor impossible. Science, whose duty it is to explain the invisible, just has not developed enough in this area. For Science to believe anything it has to be shown on a computer screen. This, of course, provides unique problems, but it warrants investigation... Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Thank you, as you can see there is inherent in Nature amongst many animals a non-auditory group form of communication. It matters very little if this is 'non-intelligent' or 'primitive'. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Now, you are arguing semantics... if you read it correctly my statements clearly provide a lot of evidence for the actual existence of Telepathy. And the ability to transmit and receive data is inherent in the laws of Nature. see other messages...
  3. I would like to ask why you would move this topic to Pseudo Science and Speculation when whole University's, especially University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, devote whole studies to this topic, plenty of money and it is taking very seriously. As you can see, this is also a popular topic. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedTo add, I cannot more agree with your statement, I myself am only saying we need new and better experiments, like the Interfere With The Fan, and even better to actually show words on a computer screen which someone is projecting... outdated experiments like cards and such are not sufficient Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged A. Saying there is no ether, the ether medium, is saying there is no radio and/or microwave communication. Maybe, that's just the problem... the experiments so far only do stick electrodes on your head in outdated EEG scans. And, once again, saying your head is isolated in the void of space not emmitting waves is truly ridiculous... B. No, difficulty due to the lack of evolution and training in humans does not mean impossibility. Effort exerted can be more energy... see comic strips... C. The point about a 'receptor' in the brain, as described, is similar if not the same as your ears picking up waves/vibrations and then your brain section translating it... it is most likely that human has just not evolved and/or trained for such... Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Thank you, I myself was going to bring up different parts of the human brain which can be responsible for Telepathy, such as the hypothalumus, front lobes, cognitive centres and occipital lobes. It is just simply underdeveloped, not yet developed, not yet evolved and/or is a tiny percentage of gene selection. This would be, of course, to protect the human who would in the first instance go insane with all the signalled information.
  4. I would like to strengthen my argument of The Null Theory: 1. Empy Round Container: To fill something it has to first be empty, this applies for all level of densities 2. Expansion of Universe. If the Universe is expanding, it is finite. If it is not expanding into nothingness, which allows for infinity, then it would burn up due to friction. What is it expanding into? Nothingness, therefore. Or, is it just one large infinite reality, not expanding. Of course, finite Universes within this infinite reality could be contracting and expanding. 3. What is opposite of Everything? Nothing, therefore. You cannot say there is only Everything without its opposite or that there is no number '0'. 4. If there is nothing outside of the Universe, which the zero-point-field theory is obtuse about, then the Universe and/or Everything could be trying to fill it... Nothing pulling plus the Big Bang would lead to acceleration. An explosion by itself does not cause acceleration. 5. Nothingness allows for faster than the Speed of Light travel. You are not limited by the medium having some mass. The information just teleports there instantly. 6. What other need is there for Gravity? Otherwise, everything just flies off into space, into the vast nothing... 7. How else can there be unlimited or infinite equations equalling 0? i.e. X -X = 0. Wow, what a coincidence... 8. You, once transformed from matter to energy to information (to spirit even?), therefore connect any 2 points (with co-ordinates) with each other at any distance and any plane with 0 Mass Information through Nothing. This is not limited by the Speed of Light. As an addition, though this maybe a new theory, which not only I agree with, it would be appreciated not being mildly insulted with immature remarks like 'null hypothesis'. I, also, do not deny that this would take a long time to prove since the requirement for it to be tested (next to Stargate) is the transformation of matter to energy to information to even spirit...
  5. You apparently do not believe in Eastern theories... To respond in one sentence: If everything is not moving through nothing then would not the actual friction of all the underlying em fields burn everything up. Also, to pose another question, how else do you allow for an infinite Universe with infinite energy? Even scientists, like Lynn McTaggart support this possibility. Or, is this the section where new opinions, meanings and theories go to when this thread should be in Modern and Theoretical Physics
  6. To start, it is nice to see the conversation has been engaged without too much heavy bashing going on... Let's set some things straight though... A. To state the brain does not actually emit Delta, Theta, Alpha, Mu, Beta, Gamma (and probably even other waves) through the ether (just like sounds, radio and microwave) is saying your head is stuck in isolated void of space with no interaction with the outside world. B. The experiments to date are not valid, full of holes, poorly controlled and can all easily by sabotaged by 'Hi, I'm still at Radiohead...!' C. There is no problem with most of your statements such as noise, distortion and what I think you mean to be deferentiation, the cancelling and/or absorption of a signal. Just because the human brain is a dim light with low signal strength does not deny the possibility of telepathy. Also, the human has not fully developed the receptors in the brain, though there is being study done on this... D. I would like to strengthen my argument with, actually, interference and projection. Take a moving fan, for example, if you aim a vibration at it then you can even make it talk... 'Hellooozzzz allsss youzzzzz noobiessss outsss theressss...' Now, ok... take the same idea and apply to waves. If your ears can pick up vibrations which are then translated by the brain, then there is no reason with the correct receptor in your brain that you will not actually be able to communicate via Telepathy... though, if Human developed it now, then most likely everyone would go insane...
  7. First to answer about who... Even Hawking's played it safe by saying 'it is not impossible that something can go through a blackhole...' (paraphrase). The general idea is that something goes through and/or comes through black holes. Two dutch scientists even read radio waves coming from one... The question is: What can go through Black Holes? Is it even possible to find this out, since anything you send to one gets severely compressed, ripped apart and then blown into another Universe... Secondly, to reply to the complex scientific statements: 1) Singularity being the infinite density and quantum effects regulating the smaller particles. Basically, my response would be two things: A. Anything possessing form and mass and matter would be stripped to pure energy B. Only the smallest particles would go through the Black Hole, therefore probably even smaller than quantas not yet measurable by Science. 2) Hawking's radiation allowing for the dissipation of a Black Hole. In a Universe continuously contracting and expanding with continual interchange of matter/energy it not impossible, of course, for a Black Hole under the right conditions to get smaller. It seems, however, that it only grows, for what force would reverse the process? Well, the release of particles. It is, however, definitely possible that the Black Holes will all grow, consume the entire Universe and at critical mass cause another Big Bang. See primordial black holes. 3) 'Hair' meaning all other qualities. As to higher dimensions, I prefer the words planes or worlds or realities or universes so as to prevent confusion between X,Y,Z directions... indeed, though, in a higher plane or different reality where different laws abide, and only if the Black Hole accesses such, would not be limited by only mass, electric charge and angular momentum which has the taste of classical empirical Science. The problem still remains you cannot just simply send a deep space probe... 4) It is leaning towards the idea, like trying to scan the core of Sun, that we can never return from such... unless, of course, a Black Hole is two ways... which is not impossible, also how does anything/anyone survive the event?
  8. :eyebrow:The Null Theory at first sounds incorrect. How can something which does not exist effect reality and the Universe. Or even how can nothing itself have influence. Think about null potential and hand in hand with such kinetic energy. If you drop a ball from a great height it can wipe out a city and nature abhors a vacuum. In fact The Null Theory can even explain all of motion in The Universe for things keep trying to fill empty space/void. This is in no way confused with ether which is just 'closer' to nothingness. Now, the zero-point-field theory plus many others state there can never be 'nothing' or 'empty space' in The Universe, however such instances state nothing of what is outside The Universe and actually underlying the greater reality and The Universe itself... The beauty of The Null Theory is the infinite null potential of energy it can provide...
  9. Telepathy is not illogical or impossible, Telepathy uses brainwaves. This can be simply more subtle, smaller and as of yet not measurable by present day scientific instruments. If the brain can send and give off brainwaves then it can also receive them, especially if you tune in...
  10. ;)The Black Hole Theory as proposed has a couple holes in it, so to speak... It is practically impossible that a Black Hole is a portal to another dimension/plane/universe/world or wherever (Heaven/Hell??). Everything that has form gets destroyed and there in fact remains only extremely condensed matter/energy over on a relatively very small amount of space. The best idea so far is that different Universes exchange energy with each other through Black Holes to maintain a certain equilibrium in the Multiverse... however, you, I or anything which gets pulled towards it is effectively 'killed'. The only remaining possibility as a portal is if your spirit goes through it... which is useless, since no one can bring evidence back from the after-life. Otherwise, the only thing which can go through is pure energy.
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