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  1. With the exception of the automated target recognition aspect, what's being proposed has been actively studied by the military for the past ten years that I'm aware of. Not much new here
  2. Late to the thread but the answer to this question that I've always liked is thus.... Anyone can build a bridge that stands, but it takes an engineer to build a bridge that *barely* stands.
  3. 1. Any background you would be willing to provide to prove I didn't just make a person up to question: A name to call you by (worded this way intentionally), job title, company, and what is your prior education and work experience? Call me, Inigo Montoya, of course. If you don't like that, pick one out of the phone book. Job Title: Aerospace Engineer. Company: DoD. Prior Education: BSME. Prior work experience: Nothing relevant. Been working for the DoD with the same job title for almost 20 years now. 'Twere my first job out of college and still my only job since college. 2.
  4. Which would you like? The unrealistic answer or the realistic answer? You can't have both. That said, the only realistic answer suitable for large scale has already been mentioned: Get people used to living like those in the 1800s did.
  5. About as far away as your average cow is from actually jumping over the Moon.
  6. And you presume to get around the law of conservation of energy.... exactly... how? (Oh, and magnetic repulsion using permanent magnets would work just as well to slow the whole schebang down... in other words, it doesn't solve the problem.)
  7. On a sufficiently small scale and for sufficiently short periods of time I don't see a problem. The thought experiment for me is.... Control volume with precisely 2 atoms in it. It would be nice to get all atoms on one side of the volume. Just by chance, 25% of the time you're going to meet that "more ordered" condition. But that doesn't mean you can keep it up indefinitely or that the idea scales well.
  8. Especially true given that in many areas, gas pipes aren't pipes in the normal sense... They're plastic tubes.
  9. And how would you contain the plasma while you were shooting if towards the enemy? IE, why wouldn't it just result in a ball o' fire around your muzzle? How would you "reach out" with it? Also, what are the energy requirements to have a usable quantity of it? I mean, I can run my fingers through a candle flame without getting hurt. It's not enough to be merely hot, you have to have enough thermal mass to actually bring the temperature of your target up high enough to hurt it. That means high energy requirements. You want to make this solar powered?? So how big do you envision the so
  10. Re = ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces.... So you're going to get a very low number anytime you're moving very slowly through a very viscous fluid. I don't see how you'd ever get a negative value.
  11. Stress = Load / Area Strain = E * Stress Those two equations, properly applied give you the second two problems.
  12. OK, more information required.... How large is the pressure vessel? When you say 100 C, is that the ambient temperature of the environment or just what's inside the pressure vessel? Budget? What are we trying to protect? IE, what's right next to the pressure vessel? People? Equipment? Why can't it be conductive?
  13. Spectra (UHMWPE) comes immediately to mind provided you don't have high temperature requirements.
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