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  1. Hmmmmm No replies for 2 weeks and 5 in the last cumulative?
  2. An epithany just hit me and I understand now.
  3. I have always wanted to do a research topic about effectively judging people when you first meet them, essentially educated prejudice if you will. Now that I have the chance to do a speech for English what would be some good ideas for the speech? I already intend to do digit ratio theory to evaluate the probabilities of the consequnces of hormonal imbalances in humans. I intend for the purpose of this speech to be mostly entertainment and a little informative. Do you guys know any psychological theories based on physical appearance and behaviours that indicate the personality of the person?
  4. I thought that getting sick and getting infected isn't the same thing. You can get infected without getting sick but you can't get sick without getting infected by a bacteria,virus, prion or other pathogen (not environmental factor).
  5. So mass doesn't increase at relativistic speeds?
  6. My mother thinks that you get colds from being cold and also that beening cold lowers your immune system. Why do most people think that your immune system stops your body from infection? Is there any other silly disease myths that aren't true?
  7. Mass increases as you approach the speed of light. I have thought about the physical consuences of this and wondered how does what work? (not why does that work?) I mean does atoms just appear out of nowhere in even distributions or what?
  8. Why is there difference in energy between ortho and para positronium?
  9. I have just started playing cricket. But we I bowl my hand gets really painfull pins and needles. I believe that the virtual centripetal force during the delivery of the ball as my arm makes a 360 degree rotation forces the blood to flow into my hand causing pins and needles (you get the same feeling if you swing your arm in a circular fashion at high speeds) I have asked other bowlers whether they have this type of problem and they replied 'You get use to it'. Is there any way to stop the pain? (apart from getting used to it)
  10. I think I get it. The force of the door on you doesn't move you as you are too heavy, and also 'cause of the friction from your feet. I thought about what the reaction force acted upon and it was clear. The door moves because there is no force to counteract or negate the pushing force that you exert. Thanks.
  11. The amount of ion content in water also dictates the boiling and freezing temps. Colligative properties.
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