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  1. LCD: My apologies; my antediluvian resources are somewhat murky at best.
  2. Anyone wonder why we can only recall the last few thousand years? Outside of Atlantis and Lemuria which supposedly existed several thousand years ago, we seem to keep losing it as a species; probably through no fault of our own <or not>. Until we can learn to control the weather, our ability to annihilate each other, or dodge space stones or other nuclear winter scenarios; we are playing "beat the clock" once again. And for what? Do you imagine it is like a coconut trying to spread it's seeds to other islands? Our mission, should we decide to accept it, is to spread the human seed to other fertile soils on other planets, before our time runs out again?
  3. The first occurs whenever I suddenly stand up or make some kind of sudden exerted movement. I've had this for a very long time now. What happens is I start to see little golden teardropped shaped images of light appear, and then slowly fade, like fireworks all over my field of vision. They are separated from each other enough to make it an enjoyable visual feast. It lasts around a minute and then ends. The second sounds a bit like Ed84c 2nd description. I just recently had surgery that required that my right eye be totally covered by a bandage. Since then, when I stare with both eyes open, then beginning with my right eye, and if I allow my focus to fade, I see wiggling worms that are in non-stop movement. It is almost like those 3D puzzles/posters; anyone remember? You stare at long enough till the image starts to come through. Except these are like 3D worms/amoeba's, God knows what they are. It quickly disappears when my eye catches something to focus in on. Also reminds me of the opening framework to the movie "From Beyond" if anyone happens to know what I'm talking about there.
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