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  1. Here is a link to a clip of one of the press conferences, The video is something totally different related, But I think It's in one of the two videos on the right, Sorry but Can't remember which one, But it is In One of the videos, and The astronaughts are answering questions I think one astronaught says That he may have seem some stars but the other one says that he did not see anything even at take off or approach of the moon, Here's the link, Sorry didn't feel like looking how to spell astronaught http://www.hugequestions.com/911.swf The videos on the page are interesting!! Check all of them Out!
  2. ANother question is after the moon landing at a presconfrence on t.v The astronauts were asked if they seen any stars from the moon, There answer was no? why was this?
  3. This has to be relevant by looking at the apollo 11 mission to the moon, With all the pictures that are taken there is something missing, Where are the stars? When you go into space and look up shouldn't there be stars? Does nasa crop pictures of planets as well Because of pictures that I have seen with planets up close there are no stars? can someone answer this
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