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    i was wondering.........are there any other species with more vertebrae than a fish?
  2. positron


    Fish have a lot of vertebrae, i guess they're the only bones they have, but have they got more than any other animal?
  3. I heard that the new windows vista has some inbuilt programs that can facilitate video conferencing, leaving the user only to but a webcam. Could you confirm whether this true. Say that the user is disabled, are there any voice recognition programs that would work in accord with the above mentioned software to achieve an effective solution? Thanks
  4. Could you explain what skype is (sorry but im still learning the basics) and how much it would cost. I also wanna know what a "reflector" is.
  5. I would like to know the hardware and software requirements in order to begin an effective video conferencing system. The other thing I want to know is the difference between video chatting (with friends etc) and video conferencing on a corporate level. Thanks for the help
  6. In order to determine the quantity of Ca and Mg ions in a water sample, it requires a titration with EDTA solution. The procedure also asks that the pH of the reaction be kept at a basic range of 8-10 as all reactions between metal ions and EDTA are pH dependent, and for divalent ions, solutions must be kept basic (and buffered) for the reaction to go to completion. My question is: If the buffer was omitted, would the quantity of EDTA required br higher or lower that if the buffer was added?
  7. Ive heard a lot about these lately, that thery're really good for u and are present in lots of stuff like tea. But what exactly are they and how are they good for a person? Is it really that bad if you dont get a lot of intake? To me, the name 'antioxidant' sounds quite like a corrosion inhibitor, yet the body cannot corrode (well, not that i know of). Am i even on the right track?
  8. Does electicity flow from positive to negative or from negative to positive? And Why is the direction of electrical current opposite to the direction of flow of electrons?
  9. I know that when a beam of x-rays strike a crystal (covalent network lattice) that they will be reflected off in layers so that the resulting wavefront is in phase with all other waves. However, i have found 2 equations that are associated with this concept and am not sure which is the correct to use. Theres: {d sin(theta) = n * (lambda)} and {n * (lambda) = 2d sin(theta)} Can u tell me which is the appropriate equation and what the other one would be for. btw. soz for not using symbols, I would if i knew how
  10. thanks man. btw. this is only a theoretical task, i was just wondering if appropriate data can be obtained that will distinguish between the conductivities of various elements
  11. That is what i would like to know, any help would be much appreciated All i need is for the temperature to rise high enough so that it can be measured and used as a comparative measure against all other materials (provided that all the variables are kept the same)
  12. thanks, things are a bit clearer now
  13. In chemistry, the cation is the positive electrode and the anion is the negative electrode. So far so good. Why has physics changed these around? In Geissler tubes the anion is now positive and the cation is now negative. Why isnt there a convention for charges?
  14. I was wondering if the heat generated by eddy currents (in a theoretical experiment where a wide range of materials were tested) could be measured using an apparatus similar to an induction furnace. I have attached a diagram along with this post to show u what i mean. I was going to measure the heat generated by each metal through a thermometer in water. The water will absorb the heat generated. Can u see any potential weaknesses in this attempt? Will the water always heat up to an excess of 100 degrees? If so, can this be controlled by lowering the voltages applied? (Plz ignore any heat lost to the surroundings.) Thanks for ur help! Prac Diagram.doc
  15. well, versus a variable such as temperature or volume, anything really, as long as the graph produced is a curve
  16. Are there any properties of hydrocarbons that when graphed will produce a curve?(eg. heat capacity, density, etc.) thanks
  17. Anyone know of any properties of simple carbon compounds, (eg. methane, butane, propane, etc.) that when graphed will give varied results. You see, i need to create a graph with a curve of best fit so i need properties which prodice scattering results Thanks
  18. I think u should do something like DQW suggested. Find formulas relating to the hardness of a substanceand use this as a general outline. The graph should be easy enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. why dont u compare the bond strengths for various covalent substances- if this has any relation to the pracs
  20. im currently researching the combustion rates for various fuels. Do u know of any good sites which will help me in my research? i also need a graph for these results, theres no specific data that im looking for, just any graph relating to combustion of hydrocarbons will do thanks in advance
  21. sorry, i meant the sun blocking out mars
  22. But what happens in the copernicun model? is it due to mars blocking out the earth if it is in the other side?
  23. joe, the mass vs gravitation graph seems very cryptic coz i cant work out exactly what the question is asking for. However, heres a slight interpretatoion. Consider that you are firing various masses from a cannon. All the variable are kept constant except for the mass. This would result in various reaults from the way gravity acts oin these objects. .................however, i still dont know how the graph would look
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