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  1. Black holes/White holes that is definately is a strange name indeed. Nuetron star and White Dwarf star could be more efficient!
  2. This is such a great topic and I only can put my one piece of information mass-energy sequence.This among other topics show great simplistic abscurity! I love science!
  3. In light are you saying photon? What I mean is you have a caption saying light falls. In the scientific world at least is an understanding that photons have no mass and also they have no effect on the particle hence, photons never fall below 670 million mph in turn showing no effect from gravity.
  4. I don't mean to sound like I'm second guessing your intelligence,but maybe you should take a second look at Einstiens theory, because what it sounds like to me is that maybe you didn't fully understand the point he was trying to get across. Or a different approach, possibly you couldn't get your main point across in the process.Do you understand? If you don't you're being truthfull because I AM BEING VAGUE! Do you now understand why it is that you have to be undeceivably clear in the point you are getting across.
  5. I hope that no one is implying that nothing in this universe is absolute.Think about it if the universe is always changing than the only way to be absolute is to change our theories,laws, and principles to govern space-time effectivly. A great book that really stresses this is "Brian Greene" The Elegant Universe.
  6. One thing to consider is that there is three contexts of infinity that you must take into consideration if you were wanting to fully understand the word and meaning in multiple contexts.Infinity can be found in nuber system where it can be treated as a number(in this context infinity does not exist), topological science such as certain seqences of numbers to converge to(in this context infinity does exist),measuring sizes of sets where it is a measurmentof the size of an infinite set(in this context,such "infinity" concepts do exist but there are more than one of them, since not all infinite sets have the same size. So there does not exist any one single "infinity" concept; instead, there exists a whole collection of things called "infinite cardinal numbers". Anyways, infinity is in my opinion an individuals stand point. A great link in my opinion is http://www.math.toronto.edu/mathnet/answers/infinity.html
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