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  1. They certainly aren't his biological children. For one, Michael Jackson was still Black. He surgically altered his physical appearance but that was just...his SURGICAL alteration. He didn't alter his genes or innate phenotype, which is impossible to do. If you look at pictures of Michael junior, he had full lips, dark skin, a broad nose and African textured hair. Meanwhile, Debbie Rowe carries the full recessive traits of a Caucasion. . I know it isn't always the case where an interracial couple produce a black-looking child, but the offspring usually displays SOME visible trace of the father, whether it be in the nose, eyes or elsewhere. Prince and Paris look a long off from Black - they resemble Debbie IMO. And their skin color might very well be a tan.
  2. Regardless of whether we have the propensity to process meat with our teeth, that doesn't mean we should, or do it very well. There are other things to consider besides teeth when categorizing predation. Could you catch a wild rodent and bite its head off? No. Our jaws don't have that measure of power, and it goes against our anatomical structure. The animals I mentioned (lions, wolves, tigers, dogs) all have claws and sharp front teeth that enables them to tackle and rip through flesh. They also have a digestive tract that can efficiently digest meat within hours. Whereas in humans, it takes about 36 hours on average to digest meat - that's not natural. Let us not forget that humans can't digest raw meat, which is sufficient indication that we are not omnivores by nature. And as I mentioned before, if meat-consumption were truly natural, a plethora of deadly diseases wouldn't result from eating it. Yet we still eat it, because we've been conditioned too. And we enjoy its odor and chewy texture, slowly killing ourselves over a little taste. Read this link if you wanna know more: http://www.stevepavlina.com/blog/2005/09/are-humans-carnivores-or-herbivores-2/
  3. I'd say meat. It can be quite appetizing, but it's far from healthy. Recent evidence shows that meat consumption has been linked to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and many other degenerative diseases. Aside from the well-known, it's practically common sense that meat was never intended to be consumed by human beings. Just take a look at the structure of our teeth and you'll see what I mean. Human teeth are rounded, and/or quadratically shaped. Almost every creature in nature who has rounded teeth consume vegetation and have a non-flesh appetite. This is nature's indication that we (humans) are natural plant eaters. Only creatures with sharp, pointy, blaze-like teeth consume animal flesh; e.g. lions, hyenas, bears, wolves and other wild beasts. Horses, Elephants, deers and many herbivores have teeth similar to ours, and their lifespan is relatively long.
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