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  1. thanks bob


    i think people just know that bleach is famous for being chlorine bleach, for having chlorine in it, and fear it for that reason


    in reality the oxidizing power of bleach is really just from that oxygen

    [ce]2NaOCl -> 2NaCl + O2[/ce]

    there's no reason to fear chlorine in bleach any more than you would fear it in table salt.


    So basically Saturnine, that forum was right. It's safe to use H2O2 to clean bleach spills.

  2. ok. go buy some bleach. and some hydrogen peroxide. collect the gas. get it an ir spectometry (or whatever its called idk).


    this is the reaction we all know will happen:


    NaOCl + H2O2 -> NaCl + O2 + H2O


    and this is the one you're suggesting will also happen:


    2NaOCl + H2O2 -> 2NaOH + O2 +Cl2



    but in reality that second reaction will not occur in any appreciable amount.

    just think about it, what is more favorable? water + salt + oxygen, or caustic soda + chlorine + oxygen?


    you might as well say:


    2NaOCl + H2O2 -> 2Na + H2 + 2O2 +Cl2


    i guess that also makes chlorine.

  3. what i was responding to was:


    why should it be black due to the presence of carbon?


    and i think that like as charcoal (95% carbon), carbon is black so that's why i would think carbon powder is black.

    and uri said its also black as petroleum although i think petroleum is really more hydrocarbon.

  4. i'm not a chemist but i can say it will not happen theoretically or in real life. and i have tried it, more than once.


    chlorine was used as a chemical warfare agent in several wars. it IS harmful at all levels especially if there is repeat exposure.


    you can't compare a whiff of chlorine to how it was used in war. in war people were suffocated with it until it filled their lungs and they were coughing and dying from lung irritation. not a small irritating whiff which you can turn away from.


    chlorine itself is not acidic and it is released to the atmosphere where it couldn't react with the NaOH anyway.


    what i meant was not that those products would react back but that they wouldn't form in the first place because its less stable.

    i mean sure as with every reaction will happen to some degree but no appreciable amount of chlorine will form at all.

  5. wow nice i'm surprised i thought it would calculations i didn't know it was already kind of defined


    so [imath]m =

    2 \cdot r \cdot \sin{\frac{180}{n} }



    nice work

  6. theophrastus its really hard to read your posts you keep using really proper science and proper english. especially when you make errors in your judgement left and right.


    2NaOCl + H2O2 -> 2NaOH + O2 +Cl2



    this reaction will never happen just look at it, you have NaOH a basic agent and the acidic gas Cl2, i mean i'm surprised UC thought it would happen. and big deal with the chlorine i've smelled the fumes of bleach + HCl lots of times if you're not an idiot you'll turn away as soon as you smell it, i mean its real irritating smell but it won't harm you, sure if you inhale it directly you can get pulmonary edema or something serious like that...

  7. listen to inow:


    the bullet falls to earth (gravity) at the same rate that the curve of the earth falls away from the bullet


    like earth has gravity right? but the sun keeps circling around it it doesn't fall onto earth. because its moving fast enough and in space where there's no air resistance so its not slowed down/

  8. no he did get ther right answer, just look... ok cause i changed the question kind of before he answered it, but it doesn't matter: either "which hamburger is poisoned" or "is the hamburger poisoned" because asking "which hamburger is poisoned" is the same as asking "is the hamburger on the left side poisoned" you know?


    in any way both guards are involved so it has to be a lie whoever you ask...

  9. i don't think you guys understand. the sun gives off energy. that right there is how many people can be supported.


    lets migrate to the moon. it's nice and cool over there. better yet, neptune.


    or then we can just import groceries from other planets. idk. I mean right now we're only using the resources of one planet. Why don't we use resources from other planets. idk.


    they promised us we;ll have flying cars by now. and i still haven't seen antigravity.

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