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  1. Thank you everyone. I did not expect to start a controversy, though it certainly helped to have such a thorough discussion. That was quite a read for someone who got a C in his freshman chemistry class, and this is what I took away from it. Chlorine Bleach can be safely neutralized with hydrogen peroxide; however, it is not likely to be a good thing to do against ones skin. It is better to thoroughly wash ones hands and use a little lemon juice if the chlorine oder is bothersome. Even better to use gloves when working with strong household cleaners. It may be a good idea to put some oxyclean in the water before adding clothes at laundromats, or if you had used bleach in the previous load at home, to help prevent that annoying spotting one sometimes gets from residual chlorine bleach in the wash. Thank you again. Saturnine
  2. I learned on this forum that if one wants to neutralize bleach one can add hydrogen peroxide. Useful if one wants to clean up after a bleach spill or clear a washing machine in a laundromat with oxyclean before putting their clothes in. The post said that one gets salt, water, and oxygen. My question, is this an endothermic, exothermic, or neutral reaction. Would it be safe to rinse ones hands in H2O2 after using NaOCl, or is one risking harm?
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