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  1. Well I wouldn't be asking you for this if I understood the first explanation. Thanks anyways.
  2. You do know that asking total strangers for personal favors is considered rude? (Don't take it too seriously .)
  3. Would it be possible that you explain why A(x,y) has to be 0? The only solution I could think of was 3r_1 = 0 and 2r_2 = 0 and then calculate x and y, which is of course wrong. But I just don't understand why A(x,y) and B(x,y) have to be 0 in order for it to be correct.
  4. Erm, you are still saying that it's impossible, which is simply wrong. Maybe not with current technology, but what is impossible is saying that the laws of physics won't allow it, which is a more elaborate version of your "No.".
  5. I'm curious how you got to this conclusion. Did you travel forward in time or something? Because nowhere did he say "is it possible with current technology".
  6. Yeah, I've been hearing that very same estimate for as long as live now. Sounds strange, doesn't it? A while ago I read an article on spiegel.de (online version of a very reputable german weekly) that we only used about 20 - 30% of all available oil until now. That together with the fact that current methods can't extract more than (I'm not that sure about this number) 50% of the oil in the ground convinces me of the fact that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. If prices skyrocket it's more due to the fact that brokers let them skyrocket out of greed instead of due to an actual shortage like it was last year in August / September. Sure, the US had an actual shortage, but europe had no problems with oil supply, yet we paid a premium as well. And those people in the oil industry don't want sky high oil prices either, because then funding for alternative energy sources starts to go up, which means they actually make less money. I'm not going to lose any sleep over the hubbard's peak just yet.
  7. I have a problem with the following: a and b are non-parallel vectors. Choose two numbers x and y so that 3r_1 = 2r_2 can be applied to the following vectors r_1 := (x + 4y) a + (2x + y + 1) b r_2 := (y - 2x + 2) a + (2x - 3y - 1)b Now, I have no idea what to do with the vectors. I could solve it if it were just for x and y without a, b and r, but I don't know whether to just drop the vectors, use some vectors i choose myself or if I have to calculate it with a and b left there as a variable. The solution is x = 2 and y = -1 btw, but even with that information I can't deduce the proper way of calculating it. Can someone give me a hint as to how to approach this?
  8. And yet another UNIX moron who is totally out of touch with reality. But apparently this is a common occurence on this forum. IIS = Windows.
  9. Just check download.com or whatever for SMTP server.
  10. Do all of us a favor and go sit in a corner and cry. Please.
  11. Or we just take the names they use in Stargate .
  12. Wtf would the perception of time to an animal have anything to do with relativity?
  13. Then how is it unlimited if I may ask? Big Bang -> Expansion -> 15 billion years later it's infinite? I'd really have to laugh hard if you believe that.
  14. From what I understand the ICANN is under US control and other countries don't like this fact. They want an independent body, possibly under the control of the UN. If this dispute doesn't get resolved other countries might want to set up their own domain name systems, resulting in a split of the internet.
  15. You can't kill evolution because evolution is basically random mutations in your DNA, which leads us to natural selection.
  16. Yeah, feed a baby a vital part of them and they die .
  17. That's a table, yes. Oh, and it's "write", not "wright" .
  18. No, really? Good to know. But you might want to read my post again, then you would know that I never claimed otherwise. Right.
  19. Then why do you have to ask if you already know what you need?
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