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  1. haha bro but i finally made it mann!!! Im so damn happy :D lol Try n try, 1day u can fly
  2. haha....i like it Then bro can the chemical formula may change coz of having exess Cl in this solution???? I mean sometimes there may be CuCl ions isnt it????
  3. NATT

    Homemade Diamonds

    You will be able to do so if you supply enough pressure and heat to charcole(if it consists of pure carbon) Do you think you can squeeze a carbon atom by putting a bunch of charcoal to a clamp???...... As a whole..you wont able to do this thing in this way... :/
  4. NATT

    A Glowing Flower

    Ohh that match sticks are red in colour mann........I 've seen black ones........ whats the change??
  5. The thing it cant b impure is that when i re crystallized it, Nice blue crystals were formed. If the concentration of CuSO4 is higher than the needed amount,can i add more water till it gets blue in colour?? (Really i added a quite "big" amount of CuSO4. Here CuSO4 is very cheap and abundant :D )
  6. As we know, the colour of a CuSO4 solution is light blue, I got a green colour in my cuSO4 solution. I suspect that some impurities may have mixed but when i re crystaly it, normal CuSo4 crystels formed. Any ideas?
  7. Oh kind of factor.. Is it ok to stir NaOH using a glass rod :/
  8. & i wanna know... about that gadget used for mixing chemicals...with a king of piece rotating..... can we make that in our home?
  9. Guys I've got some caustic soda powder... and how can i make a kinda conc. solution of NaOH??? Can i make it by dissolving them with water till it saturates???
  10. i jz had experienced th smell of cl2 in my school lab..........oooh damn i was coughing for hours.....and dat damn gas so2........really damnsome...
  11. NATT

    NaOH + CuSO4

    Then cant Na2SO4 or kind of that thing will produce by reacting 2Na+ and SO4 2-
  12. NATT

    NaOH + CuSO4

    I saw some kinda solid particals dipsoted in the bottom.... Are they Na... something Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged what do you think about the gas emitted? Could u plz temme the whole reaction....... what will happend to Na in NaOH
  13. NATT

    Magic or not

    oo bro the word Nirvana made me think of u that u have a kind of WISE knowladge abt Buddhism.. Coz may ppl know it as Nibbana and the word Nirwana is a Sinhala word. I liked it!!! But do you think that the laws not of physics but of nature(laws are implimented by human. But nature invented em) cannot be broken by anyone nor by anyway?????? Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Yeah man as i told in my above post, the things what u called "laws" are just incidents of the nature. So cant humans or whatever can chane or i mean violate the "laws" of nature?????????????
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