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  1. This is actaully quite interesting. A while ago I posted a thread about how the universe could have an accelerating expansion although this expansion was merely more space being added at arbitrary points. I would argue that asprrung's case would still hold applicable even if the universe expanded as swansont implies.
  2. tell me this, did or did not, the Big Bang have a postion on space? If your answer is yes, then you have just named a "center." Even if the universe is flat it could still have a symmetrical expansion.
  3. As research and collected data have confirmed the Universe is most likely in an expansion phase. When we imagine the expansion fo the Universe we see an origin or center and then an infinite expansion in all 3d (4d/ Space time). My question is: are all sides of the expansion of the universe symmetrical? To rephrase, Considering a 3d circle expansion (sphere) will the radius of the finite or infinite system be the same in all positions or vary?
  4. Well I am mostly asking the question of can you form a quantatative relationship between the structures formed in the non equilibrium, and the heat being enforced on the system?
  5. Thanks, Dr, Syntak, but I still wonder about this: For the process of evolution to proceed in a faster manor, would the process of Muataion anda adaption have to speed up, and if so why and how would this be done?
  6. In thermodynamics, is it possible to fin a quantitative and correlative relationship between amount of heat on a disapative structure, to shape of the geometric figures formed?
  7. By speeding up, I mean to say that as new species are 'formed', the process wil become faster. To rephrase, the process will advance faster and faster as in continues. Thoughts?
  8. This has been a great discussion, and has answerd my question very well. Thank you moderator especaily you asnwerd my question with the most accuracy. But why would evolution speed up if adaption would not?
  9. Thank you all of this feedback has been very helpful. Although could you provide some examples? Thanks again, Physman
  10. Thank you ,those statistics are very helpful. The Ai arguement of singularity is simply that as we creat artificail intelligence that intelligenct form will create an intelligent form and so on as the process drasticly speeds up/.
  11. Is it possible or plausable that as evolution continues that it accelrates or speeds up? So could ti be that as we become more evolved that the process speeds up? This question is very similar to the philosophical theory of Singularity invlolving Artificail Intelligence.
  12. The sphere itself is stationary, relative to you. Although the very outside of the sphere would be moving the fastest and in this case the speed of light, so I believe that you would only see time or length contraction on the outermost surface of the sphere (from your perspective).
  13. I believe that, nothing would appear to happen to the sphere, although there would be a change in objects that may or may not be on the surface of the sphere.
  14. But, you would find that when the spacetwin travels, that he would appear larger or smaller (depending on the frame of reference) to another object with a relative velocity to his.
  15. Yes, but there are also many experiments that work as an examle but could never happen, although they still provide a good example.
  16. I completely agree, bout tell me the next time you see an experiment on this forum that isnt a thought experiment...
  17. To prove a point that is independent of if it is possible or not.
  18. I am just using that as a factor to make the thought experiment possible, although it is not possible. THere are many other examples that could be used.
  19. No, your right you can not outrun light there fore you can not out run gravity. although this is the case when it has a certain direction and/or propagation. let me rephrase the example (to a different degree). If you stand next to a wall, with a hose pointing straight at the wall, 10 feet to your left. As soon as you start to run the hose turns on, if you run fast enough and your a far enough away you will pass the point of the hose without getting sprayed. Replace the water with gravity and the the hose with the mass, and yourself with the rocket ship.
  20. What I am trying to say is that light has a finite velocity, which is correct. Light is the limit therefore gravity must be as faster or slower thatn light causing it to have a finite velocity. After using this logic we can now apply it to the circumsatnces at hand.
  21. Swansont, I am not trying to go against the funamental laws of physics, nor is that relevant to my question, what I am trying to do is to show through example that gravity has a finite velocity
  22. I'm sorry, your missing my point, i am not saying that gravity travels slower than light (which it doesnot), I am saying that it has a finite velocity. Therefore if the situation was set up correctly then the ship would not ever feel the gravitational attraction of the mass.
  23. General Relativity explains that space time is somewhat like a fabric within the Universe. Planets Orbits are much like grooves that they follow in space time. I realize that there would be an after effect but what I mean to say is to consider the very immediate effects. You must take in mind that the speed of light is the limit, and gravity would seem to be instantaneous to the naked eye although it does have a finite speed. The concept I am putting forth obeys all laws of relativity. I am just sharing this idea to show that gravity could be 'ran away from'.
  24. Assume you have a rocketship in outer space pointing in an irrelevant direction, and will start to accelerate instantaneously with the creation of an enormous mass. It would travel at a tangent with the mass's limit of gravitational attraction or a random far ut point within the mass's gravitational reach. Now, according to general relativity in contrat to Newtons theory of Gravity light travels faster than gravity, which confirms that gravity has a finite velocity. We also assume that the rocketship and mass are perfectly calibrated to have the rocket pass the mass without being affected by the gravity i.e. general relativity. So if the situatioon held the rocketship would be able to pass the mass without ever being effected by the body's gravitational attraction. So in theory, couldnt earth cease to exist for a very small amount of time without lossing the moon from its gravitational field?
  25. Yes light woud have to bend as it has been proven to do so by experiments with eclipses and different positions of a single star. Although I was trying to specify the use of a mirror.
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