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  1. There was nothing, just black space with that dust particle. Dust particle then explodes and expands everything and creates planets, universes and stars. Everything is still expanding today.
  2. Yes this can work. If a little light/electricity touches a certain object it pushes it ever so slightly. It works, just need a lot of electricity. Look up Robert Forward’s interstellar laser sails. It can give you a little idea on how this ion engine can work.
  3. It could work, but you need to use a vehicle without a lot of torque. A stirling engine is small and not a lot of HP and plus it cant sustain a lot of torque. If you use a small vehicle, then maybe. How are you going to power it? Gas most likely, then you need a small gas tank. You need to balance everything out so that the aft wont be way heavy and vice versa. You need to make everything small because of torque and also its only to go to school. Also, It wont impress the chicks haha I just saw someones post and it said Solar heat. That could work very well. Just Don't over do it. You dont need to go far.
  4. Hypothesis sorry. I did it quick and I didnt have time to go over all vocab
  5. Heres my theory about the moon. Keep in mind it's just a theory and maybe a stupid one. Ok the moon is kind of like a shield to Earth because of all the asteroids hit the moion all the time. Now if the moon wasn't there we would be would be getting hit with all the asteroids and maybe some we cant take and there would be millions of deaths. I know it may be stupid, but I was pondering it the other day. This is probably a stupid one, who knows? Well if the moon was a part of the Earth before, then why does it have a core like the Earth? If it's just a chunk of rock that detached then went into Earths orbit then why does it have an atmosphere? What I think is that when the Universe was created and all the planets were forming and when they started to have gravitational pulls the moon was just a floating dwarf planet and had no system to pull it in. Though when it went by Earth it got caught in the gravitational pull and has been in our gravitational pull ever since. True? Maybe not. Discuss it.
  6. Now the moon creates waves and light at night. If we had no moon then the ocean, I think, would be very deep and there would be almost no land to live upon. Did God strategically put it there? Or did an asteroid actually hit the earth? Who knows!
  7. Actually you are very correct. There are many species that perform homosexual acts. Its natural and should not be thought of as strange. I think Guinea Pigs do this too. I'd laugh if my Guinea pig went gay. HAHA. Anyways its natural for animals.
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