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  1. you didnt affend me i was mearly pointing out that the sarcasm level does go abit over board. Thnaks for the help anyways
  2. nearly every1 on this forum is sarcastic, you could have just asked me to refraise the question
  3. Hi I have recently just read that when a star or planet(of a certain size) it becomes a singularity, which then addmits light rays which curve around the singularity. Now this intill the singularity reaches infinite density is this another way of putting a black hole or is it just a link or rubbish. thanks
  4. Thanks for all the replys just going to search m theory now. thanks again
  5. thanks but i shoudl ahve made it more clear,how is the one dimension of time applied to all of the three other dimensions. Whilst im on this thread can i please ask what the 11 dimensions are in what i think is called m theory. Thanks
  6. yeah it helps alot but can you or someone explain how this happens as i thought that it would just apply for one dimension or have another 2 simension of time making it three dimensions , 1 for each of the specail dimensions. thanks
  7. correct me if i am wrong but isnt a singularity a infinite point in space time not a compressed to single point or is this the same thing. thanks
  8. I was reading the thread on the 2 dimensions of time in this forum, and i just thought of somethin but please correct me if i am talking rubbish. theirs are 4 dimensions up down left right back wards forwards and time right. but time is only one dimension so would it not just account for one of the other 3 dimensions or is it in someway layer on all the dimensions. sorry if it sounds stupid somebody please explain this time thing. Thanks
  9. Hi I may be wrong on this but isnt a black hole the remenants of a supenova or a dying star, sorry if i am wrong. Im sorry but i dont know even if you can get a black hole from a hypernova but maybe one of the more experienced members of the board could help.
  10. Hi all Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but could one of the mods just move it if it is....Thanks. Anyway i have done searches on singularities and i keep coming up with stuff explaining them but the words they use i cannot understand yet. So could any body please just give me an idea of what a singularitie is and any more info would be greatly appriciated.
  11. Hello Can any body please give me a good site giveing me the basics of learning and understanging caculas.
  12. Hello all I recently read that nasa have a plan to move the earths orbit in the event of the heat increse of i think when the sun starts to die, im afried i can not find the article but the brief of it is as mentioned above hit by a force strong enough to knock it out of its orbit. Im sure if someone googles this it should come up with a more informative article. Hope this helps
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