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  1. sci

    "Wireless" Energy?

    So could this effect be used in something like a TV, a small remote control car or stored in a battery?
  2. sci

    "Wireless" Energy?

    Yeah but aren't they cranked? Or at least solar powered? I know what i'm talking about seems like the answer would be it's already out there, solar power. Suns energy is absorbed by solar panel, converted into usable energy,blah blah blah. What i mean is something where there would be a frequency emitted from some device, which passes through something (element, substance, object ect.) and creates energy due to whatever..
  3. sci

    "Wireless" Energy?

    So my question to you is : Is there any element that if a stimulated using a wireless frequency, would create heat/energy? I.E. : If gold created heat/energy when stimulated in said way, would that heat/energy be able to be converted into electricity, for example. *Note that I am just a stupid 16 year old who doesn't know anything, so don't hate on me too bad if what i'm saying isn't making sense...*
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