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  1. 14 views and no one can tell me the answer??
  2. Hint: The sequence is uniform until the you reach the 18. From there on, the sequence involves a 5......
  3. Can anyone tell me the maximum limit to this sequence? It was given as a challenge at my school. 3,8,12,15,17,18,24.5,28.5,33,35,43.5,48.666,51.666........ The prize is " Free Chocolates".
  4. Question 23 requires Discrete Mathematics, that's how I got the answer to that one. I can't remember the method to getting it, though.
  5. I was told game theory would solve it, # S D S 5 3 D 10 5
  6. Go 5,4,5,4,5,4,5,4,5,4,5 and go 50,49,50,49,50,49,50,49,50,49,50,49 for the layers. Final answer; 594. By the way, did you find it off highiqsociety?
  7. I wonder why this thread has been 300 + views in a short ammount of time????????
  8. You weren't used, you actually educated me. I didn't know anything of perfect squares dissection and so forth.
  9. So, its prety much an answer like Furble Population= (1/2)^2 + (1/8)/ .02323 + ( k-1) Even though thats not the answer, it's some thing like that
  10. Well, if we are going to use an exponential equation we need to know the original population, and how do we find it from the given info?
  11. I originally did workout all the lengths, but it took too long. If you want to know how I got x and y on question 21, look at the very smallest square and let it = x and the next smallest one ( to the right) = y. From that, we should get ( ?) as 17x + 7y, I was stuck because I didn't know exactly the value of y relative to x. So, i printed the sheet and measured it out at 200x magnification to get an accurate result. I found y=3x, from there I assumed ( ?)= 38x, removing the variable we should get ( ? )= 38. Which High IQ Society said the answer is.
  12. Well, believe it, there is a large cash prize up for grabs to any one who answers all 25 correctly. So, it can be said it's worth a shot!
  13. By posting the results I'm actually helping the organization. As long as there are people who know the answers, they are able to just go and do the tests without hinderence from long, hard questions.Therefore, having straight access to membership
  14. By the way, does this High IQ Society pay your salary? So, does it really matter to our lives if we reveal a few answers. Also, you could only have an IQ of 96 and still get in by repeating the Tests over and Over again.
  15. Initially, I let x= the smallest square and let the next smallest square = y. From there, I worked around the center until I came up with a formular for (?), inwhich should be 17x + 7y. But, I didn't know what length unit the smallest square should be. Now, I know y=3x, it shouldn't be a worry.
  16. Guarantee no one will solve it! Consider two breeding strategies of the fictional Furble. Dominator Furbles can fight for a breeding territory, and if they win, will be able to rear 10 offspring. An alternative is to share territory with another Furble which will allow each to rear 5 offspring. Sharers who attempt to share with dominators will be forced out of the territory, although they will be able to find a new territory. Assume sharers become extra cautious after encountering a dominator and so will always find another territory to share the next time around, but due to lost time will only be able to produce 3 offspring. Dominators are always able to force sharers out of the territory and rear 10 young. Dominators who meet dominators will win 50% of the time. When they lose, they are not able to reproduce that season due to sustained injuries. Individual Furbles cannot switch strategies. With a total population of 2000 dominator and sharer Furbles, how many would you expect to be dominators?
  17. Gnpatterson, if you get into the Top scores on the Test for Exceptional intelligence, can you tell me your answers.
  18. Go to the Test for Exceptional intelligence, question 20 something. What were your scores
  19. Where did you get the close pack layer spacing digit from?
  20. The problem was on the site http://www.highiqsociety.com, test for exceptional intelligence. By the way, the 24 square question has never been solved! I have achieved 12/25 questions correct.
  21. 594 is the correct answer gnpatternson. Well done! How long did it take you?
  22. Think of a honey comb format and take in to account the dimensions.
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