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  1. I'll have a look at the links you posted when I get back. But I was wondering; what languages do you use, for what purpose (as in what do you mainly use it for) and why those languages? 'Cause I "finished" learning C++ about a year ago,I don't know any other major things in C++ that one can learn. In other words, I think I have all the knowledge I'll need for your basic problem. And I confused two things in my head, I meant dynamic, not interpreted. As in, you type in the commands, and they execute now. I just can't even imagine how one would make, I don't know, a program that accepts an integer x and outputs the first x Prime Numbers.
  2. H2SO4 Basically, you type whatever comes into your head. LaTeX sorts all the formatting out for you. Let's try a harder example: what about something like an ion H+? Again, type whatever comes into your head: H+ Click on the image to see the code that generated it. I should point this out: you need to encapsulate everything in math tags: [math ]\cf{SUPErB}[/math]
  3. they don't want to play god by creating new life.i still think my hamfish is the best
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