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  1. mulreay


    By 'Masses' I meant exactly what it means 'Public celebration of the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church and some Protestant churches'. or 'The Eucharist, also called Holy Communion'. You seem to have mistaken my meaning... I know that Christmas is a pagan holiday and that it is part of the winter festivals. But you seem to have forgotten that this was taken by the 'masses' and made there own. I say I think 'Christmas' should be kept even if religion is not followed. I thought you would all follow that train of thought. But may be not...
  2. mulreay


    Your acting as anyone who is defending a belief would. Be it Christianity or not.
  3. mulreay


    Shall we bow down to the masses or shall we except that 'Christmas' is the way forward. I for one will NEVER stop celebrating Christmas.
  4. Or you can argue it is a study in futility to try and judge somebody's 'adult' height. There are no charts, doctors, specialists or graphs that will determine your height when you stop growing. This is something we cannot and probably will never be able to answer. What will be, will be. It's like you planting a seed in the ground and when it germinates and breaks the surface soil, you tell me to the inch what height the plant/tree will peak at. It cannot be done as there are too many unknown variables.
  5. Ahh homework. I'm not sure what the rules are here, but usually it is you need to do it yourself. Where would our most trusted scientists and theologians be if we all asked on the internet?
  6. The idea that God exists is not only profound but necessary. I have spent the last 31 yrs proving that 1 + 1 = 2 I now need to explain that a person died on the cross to save me.. or he sat under a tree and starved himself for me to see the light. Of course he did and I should be ashamed to think otherwise. I will keep the fight going as long is necessary. Of course there is a god and he wants me to kill the non believers why would he not.. he is after all merciful. Lets all bow down to the god that is the biggest hypocrite going. You make me laugh. Your attitude disgusts me. Sorr
  7. Well in my opinion science is lacking 'faith' and religion is lacking 'fact'. I know which get's my vote.
  8. It will capture images in the infra-red.
  9. Neutron stars are one of the most highly dense (viewable) objects in the universe. A tea spoon of Neutron star would way approx 1 billion tonnes. These stars are remnants of a massive star (4-8 times the size of our sun) which has (died). The gravitational field of said star can be up to the magnitude of 2 x 10 to the power of 11. With a possible magnetic field a million times greater than earth. These are generally super nova remnants (stars that have blown off there outer layer) when the star has burnt up all it's nuclear fuel. Hope this helps... if you need more help please ask
  10. Theories range from there was nothing before the 'big bang' and that our universe was born from another 'multi-verse'. Also you could imagine that the universe is caught in a cycle where it becomes the 'big crunch' as in the universe expands as it is now, then it turns into the 'big crunch' and compacts back onto itself. Then the whole process starts again ie, another big bang. This is an impossible question but quiet interesting to consider.
  11. I for one would be bored very quickly if the universe did not offer spectacular options
  12. This is hardly a new concept, in fact this has been puzzled over for quite some time.
  13. I've just flitted through this topic so forgive me if it is all ready covered. But you would also have to take into account 'moon wobble' the moon is not in a completely stationary orbit, apart from the fact it is slowly moving away. The moon also experiences a gravitational wobble as when the moon passes closer to the earth, the gravitational pull of the earth increases. This may not seem significant when seen in video or if you plot the moons position over a month, but if you consider the length of the tether (distance from the moon to the earth) the wobble at the earth end would be massiv
  14. Just to add that when thinking in terms of the size of the universe 'billions of miles in diameter' is fairly insignificant.
  15. One theory states that the universe will either end in a big 'crunch' or the universe will just be a vacuum containing nothing but black holes as all the matter is 'devoured' by black holes. You should not concentrate to much on the galaxies central 'massive black hole' as the galaxy will continue to churn out new black holes throughout. Therefore you could theorise that the black holes would eventually draw themselves in to the centre and add to the 'super massive black' hole present. You could argue that the 'big crunch' and the 'vacuum littered with black holes' are one and the same
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