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  1. Growing iron oxide nanowires.
  2. These are Si nanowires. Also, keep in mind that PDMS etches much more easily than Si, so putting it in an etching solution would probably etch through the PDMS and get to the nanowires before going through the substrate. Sonication doesn't really work because, although it could break the nanowires off at the substrate, it tends to just shatter them.
  3. When writing a research paper, I always start by forming my topic into as specific a question as possible. In your case, I might write something along the lines of "How likely is it that there is life on other planets?" or maybe "Is it worthe the effort to look for extraterrestrial life?" From here, it should be much easier to pick a stance and gather evidence.
  4. A few-hundred-microns rectangle size is what I meant. That's what I get for not going to sleep. At this point, I'm actually just wondering how feasible fine iron mesh would be. Is there a reason that no one seems to carry pure or almost pure iron mesh?
  5. Where can I find some? I've found a few vendors for some iron mesh, but I'm looking for something more or less in the 10^-2 rectangle size range.
  6. Is my explanation unclear, or are people just unable to come up with ideas?
  7. First post! Yay! Okay, if you work with nanowires, here's the short version: What methods would you recommend to get them off of the substrate? If you don't work work with them, here's the long version: I grow nanowires around 10 microns in length and 200 nanometers in diameter perpendicularly out of silicon wafers. I then put a layer of PDMS on top, which coats them on top and in between. What I need help on is getting them off of the silicon substrate so I have a bunch of nanowires embedded in PDMS. This is difficult, of course, because of material size and the fact that the nanowires are more strongly bonded to the substrate than to the PDMS. So far, my best results have come from simply scraping the PDMS and hopefully the nanowires off with a fresh razor, but this is still unreliable. I'm looking for ideas on how I may be able to achieve the aforementioned results reliably and hopefully simply. I have quite a few resources at my disposal, so virtually any suggestion is game. Thanks in advance.
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