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  1. So when 2 parts oxygen and 1 part hydrogen it realy does create a very powerfull shockwave/kaboom ?
  2. So, a bollon that contains 2 parts Hydogen and 1 part Oxygen. When lit will create a big boom ?
  3. so, then wath could be used to make such a hi expostion ? and its only 2 chems
  4. My uncule says that if you put Oxigen and Nitrogen in a bollon and light the string as soon as the string hits the bollon there will be a HUGE and very power full shockwave. Is this true ?
  5. Well im trying to get Negative X actully
  6. Is NH4NO3 ammoniume nitrate ? and is this a resonable price for it ? http://advance-scientific.net/Properties.asp?CODE=A1217
  7. Hum, so iron oxide isent rust ?!? so what is iron oxide ? *also how to purify rust*
  8. How to purify Iron Oxide *Rust* ? Ok im getting rust out of a barral in my backyard Its quite dirty but when i grind it up with my fingers it turns into a fine powder *good* but there are a lot of other things like earth and grass, so i was wondering how to get it out of there with out messing up the Iron Oxide . Well thx for that help
  9. Is 35% H202 lab garde stuff ? I bough some and i was wondering if there where some cool exerements with it? Thx for the info.
  10. Lol if only i know where to get it hehe
  11. I did use the Search function for freezing water but i couldent find anything that actully froze water So I ask the question again how do you Freez water using chemicals ? Thanks for you help.
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