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  1. I can do the FBD's, i just need help with the rest because im just drawing blanks. I would really appreciate it
  2. Number 1- Here is the link for the bigger picture - http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a203/soltaritroop/physics1.jpg Three Masses Connected to Pulleys. a) Free Body Diagrams for Each one b) Resolve the forces on each block into its Perpendicular Components c) What is the coefficient for Friction if the blocks have a constant velocity d) If the rope connected to M1 snaps, quantify the resulting motion of the two remaining blocks using the results fom ©. Im drawing a blank and i cant believe i dont remember how to do these 2) Link: http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a203/soltaritroop/Physics2.jpg Q1- - 5.6 Micro Coulombs Q2- + 5 Micro Coulombs Q3- + 3.2 Micro Coulombs Q4- - 8.1 Micro Coulombs Distance between Q1 and Q2 - .20 meters Q1 and Q3 - .15 meters Q3 and Q4- .20 meters Q2 and Q4- .15 meters Find the Direction of the Forces as well as the Net force. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Our chem teacher did this experiment last year. Iodine Aluminum Mixture (i believe equal parts but i dont remember) Add 1 drop of Water ONLY, to a very small amount of the mixture ,produces purple flames and purple smoke (dont breath the fumes, its still iodine in the experiment)
  4. Aluminum is what is in Etch a Sketches. its VERY FINE aluminum powder combined with these small plastic balls.
  5. holy mother of jesus.. you were telling the truth... ouch. thats a lot of damage....
  6. EtchaSketches workwiht a pointer mechanism that is operated with pullies from the dials.when you turn the thing upside down, the aluminum covered plastic beads coat the plexiglass again.
  7. That was very messy......verryyyy messy. its so fine your hands get covered in it.
  8. Fe2O3 can be black or dark brown at times as well. And, "Rust" is Fe2O3
  9. Today was an A+ day for any aspiring chemist in New Windsor, NY. My father and i ventured to a old run down hardware store called Primavera Hardware because my dad needed one of our window screens repaired. So i was just walked around and then i saw it. Two sealed,bagged bottles of Rooto Professional Drain Opener. Concentrated Sulphuric Acid!. I screamed so loud, the guy at the counter laughed at me. i instantly called LatentHeat and told him and he got so excited my ear drum got blown out. he was like BUY IT! BUY IT!. so i did and the guy who was at the registar warned me and gave me that "dont even think about it look" but good thing my dad bought it for me. I rushed home and the first thing i did was pour it on some sugar. my god it was like a hissing mass of black crap with smoke that smelled like a bad caramel candy but left a very uncomfortable tickle in my throught. but sure enough it worked. the thought of esterification made my heart beat faster than a cheeta. im soo excited and since this thread is about Sulphuric i thought would tell you. tell me about more experiments so i can have fun......!!!! heres a pic of the sugar (now carbon)
  10. Wow isnt that dangerous? i wanna try it.lol
  11. It does seem unbelievable but he did say he filled the bags over a period of 2 weeks, and why would someone make up a story of shooting a rocket at bags of hydrogen and half his house being destroyed and burnt. Jwalker i would like to see pictures or a picture if possible but it is not physically impossible for this to happen. And what about neighbors? where do you live? dont you think there would be a newspaper article on it i mean its not everyday you walk outside and see your neighbors house windows get blown out, etc.
  12. By the way Latentheat aggreing with Woelen, that stuff stinks. do you seem to remember the time recently when i was over your house saying i wanted to hurl and tear my nose off. it is a very bad undescribable smell. NEVER DRINK VALERIAN TEA. it stinks and doesnt have such a pleasant taste either... it will put you to sleep but at the cost of all the bile you just threw up in the toilet (just kidding)
  13. According to my teacher Dr. Istone who has a PHD in Chemistry, there is a mixture of chemicals that when ignited burn at a low enough temperature for the skin to withstand it. He used to be a Chemical Magician (one of his 100's of jobs) and one of the tricks he did was ignite the mixture on his arms and walk around while on fire. One of the characteristics of the flame is that the color is a blue tint. Please help me because my teacher was going to show us this demonstration but we ran out of time at the end of the year. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, ThermiteMan
  14. yes it can.... i know from experience. the farthest it has shot for me is about 4-5 feet when i have done it. the one time i did it on my grill and it fell through a hole on the side burner that another thermite made and molten iron shattered on the floor and almost hit me. ( i had flip-flop sandals on.. that wouldve hurt)
  15. Colored Smoke Bombs are very complicated. Myself and LatentHeat have only attempted the Regular White Smoke Potassium Nitrate + Sugar smoke Bomb. the other ones involve a lot more chemicals. if you want more info on making them, United Nuclear has a section on making smoke bombs. But if you really wanted colored ones without the hassle of making them, your local "Party Stop" should have them. or if you live in a state where fireworks are legal, every other store is most likely a fireworks shop. good luck .
  16. well, there is that computer dust cleaner thing that has the liquid cryogen or cyrogen however you spell it. But when that is sprayed into water, the water will freeze almost instantly. Thats all i have so far
  17. you reminded me .... PIRAHNA BATH..... but lets not go into it now shall we. dont even think about making it.. BIG MISTAKE
  18. Describe. What do you wanna do with the Iron Oxide Thermite it?
  19. It reacts with Dry yeast that you buy in a supermarket. I did a few experiments in school with H202 but im not sure what we did with it exactly. if i think of it ill add it in.
  20. If the stain is on Concrete, Use HydroChloric Acid. It is a Concrete cleaner and will clean mostly all stains out of it. One time i used HCl was when i was making a smoke bomb with Potassium Nitrate and Sugar and i lit it and it set off the whole supply i had. it was cool cause there was massive amounts of smoke, but there was a huge stain on my concrete. so i went in my basement got some HCl and poured it on the stain and it came right off. but this is only meant for Concrete/Cement as far as i know. Remember not to leave the HCl on the concrete to long. it will eat it up. wash excess of with water and neutralize with base. I used to know a remedy for "blacktop" but i dont remember it offhand. But NaOH will work. It will work better if its hot but like they said, be careful. Caustic chemicals are very dangerous and they burn like hell. The spot where you cleaned might be a little rough but the stain will come out.
  21. Yggdrasil thanks for the Salicylic Acid Production Info. It just so happens i was searching for that because i wanted to make Methyl Salicylate (A.K.A Oil Of Wintergreen) Mmmmmmm Wintergreen smells really good. Too bad i couldnt drink it.... lol j/k I made Isopropyl Ethanoate (Smell of Rum plus some fruit smells mixed). The only thing you have to watch out with the Acetic is it smells while its starting to heat. i Remember when LatentHeat and i did it and his mom walked in and gave us one of those looks.
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