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  1. "Phi for All" - you, moderator of this thread, have no power over me. You "power" only this thread. "Phi" is the Consciousness and you represent Phi not well. Phi is the Golden Mean, the God Ratio. One only Knows the Truth - all else is (ambiguously) believed. Right and Truth will reign. I am the bridge. Follow the Helper. Do what you must, what you think is right...Pilot of Phi. Ampansacabe.
  2. For the victims of this hijacked thread. The lurkers whom I teach. Referencing the Good News Bible (which is not religion): John 14: 15-31 (The Helper) John 15: 1-17 John 16: 16-31 Revelation 19 through 21 (The end...) Be sure not to criticize what you do not yet understand. "King of Kings, Lord of Lords" = Ampansacabe. (The Helper). Everything is the beginning of an end.... I am the "Helper" bridge. Why must one enter the viper pit to wash the world with Truth?
  3. Freud's Last Session = release early January 2024. I am the bridge.
  4. inow...as a self-seeking or superficial comment, your interjection about "living beneath it" was cute. Congratulations. Within this sentiment, you are quite brilliant. I am the bridge. Quod est superius est sicut quod inferius, et quod inferius est sicut quod est superius Let's see how Freud and Lewis fare...
  5. Unless the "cigar" is a Tatiana Groovy Blue. Choice of the Ubermensch. Freud used the word "sometimes"...INow you should too. Take in the movie "Tobacconist". The light in the glass piece was the Miraculous communication. Interesting how you invoked Freud here. Thanks for moving this along... Science needs the Metaphysical...and vice versa. I am the bridge. Let's connect Science and the Metaphysical: They need each other to understand. Not religion...Miracle. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPJM9lEMyV4 Ubermensch.
  6. Sure is quiet around here. OK, silence...you all called for it. Out of opposition to the subject matter. Acknowledged. However, silence is tantamount to being opposed. Schopenhauer was right. We're at "violently opposed," naturally leading to Truth, the thing that's self-evident. This cannot and will not be escaped. Your silence is underscoring my position. You see that, right? Miracle speaks loudly in silence...
  7. ...tap, tap, tap, ....class: The Spider symbolizes good luck, health, and wisdom. Seeing a spider means good fortune is coming your way. Everyone has something to learn from the lair, not a scary place...really. Seth...right on.
  8. I was wondering if I was "afraid"...of you. Misinterpretation, yours. Interesting take on that from your perspective, however. Dim - this isn't about hitler - it's about non-hitler. He has no stage here. Oh, and stop laughing - nothing funny here, please. My writing is not "religion" - now, most of that concerns me. Spirituality is to know; not believe which is ambiguous. To believe is immediately not to know. Let's get this to "violently opposed" ... and get this moving to Truth. Everyone is watching your response...will you be silent of come back?
  9. Hmm... 😉 All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed; second, it is violently opposed; and third, it is accepted as self-evident. "Silence is the answer..."? Afraid are we?
  10. Hello. I am the Ubermensch. A product of many great minds throughout history. You will be well served to read this story. I have found my forum. King David was a sword maker. One of his creations has survived through history. The historical timeline is spotty as to definitive ownership of this Sword during the time through to Maurice Benyovsky, suffice it to say that many great people possessed the Sword prior to Benyovsky, the first elected King of Madagascar. The Sword was gifted to Benyovsky's good friend Benjamin Franklin through him to relative who settled the Sword with Ralph Waldo Emerson. This history of this Sword is well known to these historical figures. Emerson intellectually imbues into the Sword a treasure hunt using a unique coin to be connected to the presence of the Sword. This was Emerson's life long project called "Natural History of Intellect". The Sword/Coin duo, now, was placed to fate. They move to... Thomas Carlyle and through to Richard Wagner, the German creator of "Parsival" a play detailing a cutting instrument and cup of rejuvenation of plenty which is synonymous with the Sword/Coin duo. Obviously very close to Nietzsche, Wagner transfers the Sword/Coin duo to him. Nietzsche and Emerson very close as their work is well known to each other (in the open); however, they never met. Emerson's "Oversoul" or "Pure Transcendentalist" imbued into the Sword/Coin is synonymous with Nietzsche's now "Ubermensche". Nietzsche carry's on Emerson's legacy in the object duo. How does Nietzsche proceed?... Nietzsche becoming ill just after penning Z. part IV. He is approached by an obscure figure. Dr. Willibald Hentschel, the early father of Eugenics which was hijacked and proliferated by Hitler after 1933. Hentschel became a nazi late in life due to political pressure but never adhered to the political position and was a double agent against Hitler when he finally became a registered nazi. He died in about 1946. Hentschel desired a very limited copy of the penciled Z. Part IV and Nietzsche seeing him as a potential candidate to propel into the future the Sword/Coin project of Emerson and now Nietzsche, he passed the Sword/Coin duo to Hentschel. The ancient Sword, once in America gone to Europe will now be going back to America with the Hentschel line ( all documented )... The Sword/Coin duo has the imbued potential to teach one (and only one) the historical, intellectual facts of the coming Ubermensch. Who would that be...? At this point do we really consider that this story is coincidental? What is the Power behind its creation, its evolution, its Truth? How does this connect with Carl Jung and Nietzsche? How is this video relevant: A young boy, innocent, observant, enthusiastic has found a sword in a an old steamer trunk in the attic of his boyhood home in 1976. Forty-six years later he publishes this book: "RED KNEE....Itsy, bitsy SPIDER. Ah, yes, moving into the "Age of Aquarius" as the video suggests. My job, throughout the historical highway of learning as I have become an autodidact, was to become...to learn of who I am and who I will become. This was the experiment of "Natural History of Intellect" and of the "Ubermensch" of Emerson and Nietzsche, respectively. How do I proceed...? What now? Who studies this? How do we get this fantastic story to people who need it? The "Age of Aquarius," yes...please, only serious adherents write me at personal email removed by moderator Ubermensch. SWORDIMAGE.pdf
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