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  1. This is interesting. I did not know about such cloud systems.
  2. What is Space actually made of? I do not mean the atoms, energy, dark matter, baryonic matter, planets, dust, moons, or plasma that make up the Universe? I mean what is holding these physical structures of mass. What is the canvas we are all on? I am specifically talking about what the matter is in or on. Like if you see a painting or drawing. You look at what the drawing is of. But what is the ink or paint on? What is the canvas made of? The question we need to ask ourselves is what are we as mass, such as the planets, and the vacuum of space on? For instance we are 1 astronomical unit from the Sun. We are 150 million kilometres from the Sun. And some would say there is nothing between the Earth and the Sun. Just a near perfect vacuum, with virtually nothing between us. But that is not what I am asking. I am asking what is holding that vacuum. On another level what is the vacuum of 150 million miles on. WHAT ARE WE ON? You cannot have 150 million miles of nothing. I know you will say it is a vacuum. But what is that vacuum on. I mean if you had a mile of space on Earth. Yes it might be containing matter, such as oxygen, rocks, oceans, clouds, humans, animals, and plants. But if you had a mile of outer space. There might be a near perfect vacuum. But it is still 1 mile of space. The same distance both times. So the thing is. Surely the 1 mile of near perfect space and 1 mile of Earth, are the same distance. So what is holding that 1 miles of space whether it be a near perfect vacuum or as on Earth containing huge amounts of matter. The actual structure that holds 1 mile of vacuum space and 1 mile of matter, must be the same thing, So what is that is holding the 1 mile of space and 1 mile of Earth matter. I know the Universe contains mass, energy, matter. But what is it on? This is a vital philosophical and scientific question. 1 mile of mass and 1 mile of space vacuum, are both the same distance. What are they both on? It is as if we are people painted on a canvas that tells a story or landscape. On one level you can as an art critic try to explain the story that the painting is telling. But to make that work of art you must know what we are made. Are we paint, or are we layers of different paint on a canvas? And what is that canvas made of? A canvas with no paint on it, is the same distance as a canvas with a beautiful landscape or fantasy scene.
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