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  1. What field do you work in? Non-resident? Where do you live?
  2. So I've had a look and University of Plymouth seem to have a few courses and are local to me. When I did a bit of digging apparently the coastal monitoring for us in the South West is based there called Plymouth Coastal observatory. Although in some places its called SWCM (South West Coastal Monitoring). Has anyone heard of them? And are they worth reaching out to about environmental science?
  3. Thank you so much for replying. After reading what you put I think I'd be leaning maybe more towards Plymouth Uni. Partially because it would be more science based but also because of the Met office being in Exeter. Although I can drive so travel wouldn't necessarily be an issue going forward.
  4. So the EA do this themselves? Do they have contractors? How does actually getting the information/data to form management plans done?
  5. I absolutely agree with the above statement, it will become a must in the future.
  6. Hi, I've been considering starting a degree in environmental sciences and live in the South West. Can anyone recommend any good courses or Unis?
  7. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone here knew who actually protects our coasts in the UK? And how they do this? I've been interested in doing a degree but am unsure. Do we even have people who look after or monitor our coastlines? I live in South West England.
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