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  1. Did you guys hear that news: scientist have successfully cultivate artificial meats by a tiny single cell of mammals and so on. So that means even vegetarians can try on those foods in near future. This thing not only solve the problem of people needing food all over world but also we will eat the foods that are unlikely illed. Because while those scientists cultivate those food, they can change the substances in there. And meat is often the reason that causes some diseases in our bodies; once those foods have been genetically modified and created as artificial food, we can eat as many meats as we want without worrying how many animals will be "extinct." That is cool, huh? We love animals, and we don't want to kill them. So I assume in near future there will be many foods that are artificially made being sent and packed into many food-services.
  2. Covalent bond means some molecules combine together. Ionic bond means some molecule go away, you guys got it wrong.
  3. Reserachers all over the world are researching how to keep human young as long as it can be. The basics of doing that is antioxidant. If one day researchers successfully use antioxidant to halt human brain cell aging, will you undergo the surgery just to switch your head and memory into a different new young body?
  4. I am trying to say we should let them kill themselves legally. But as a matter of fact, I wanna....[..]...them.
  5. Atom, molecule, proton, covalent bond, hydrogen bond or whatevers, those are confusing me. I thought atom equals to molecule, but apparently, it's not.
  6. I think there are some pessimism who always feel everything so pessimistic. Why don't we have some institutions that people could just pay and sign agreements so that they will be injected with a tube that is filled with chemicals--ethuanasia--that they will die eventrually and happily. Seriously, we don't need pessimisms in this world, letting them live on, it would only regress our progress of researching "how to extend life-span."
  7. I will illustrate it in a description, to let you guys get a sense of what is going on--which is bad--in Taiwan. Taiwan is a little island besides East coast of China. The citizens of Taiwan are getting more informations (relative to entertainment the most) from Western world. Although Mandarin and Taiwanese dialogue are two main spoken languages in Taiwan, people are thriving to study English. Now, there are some cultural discriminations going on in Taiwan: some folks who are obsessed in Western culture kind of despise native people of Taiwan that don't seem to have good or fashion state of beings on their faces. Because those native Taiwanese usually dress vulgar their appearance with their strong accent of Taiwanese speaking, some people--most are Western-Wannabes--strongly hate them without any proper reason. This is happening in Taiwan for a few years, and still not resolved. This also led to a conception that many people of Taiwan think only those oversea students are higher-class than their native ones. They love those students who come back from US to Taiwan for some vacations or whatever reasons, and they call them "ABC." They misunderstood the concept of ABC and potential meaning of ABC. ABC, as we all know, means American Born Chinese. If you are born in Taiwan and just study aboard in US, you shouldn't be considered an ABC despite you are legally an US citizen. Sadly, people of Taiwan never realize this strong word and keep low-judging their own people. I feel bad because they keep offending their own culture, which is evolved by a group of Taiwanese--Min Nan people. There is also a term specifically offending those MinNan people: Taiker. Just ask any of your Taiwanese friends, they might realize those words if they have a history of living in Taiwan. Why they feel native Taiwanese Min Nan people are lousy, because there are so many multicultural contradictions ocurring in Taiwan. So many outer cultures conveyed to Taiwan: Japan, Korea, US and some of Europe. Now people of Taiwan tend to reject their people but some people who have dispositions of foreign countries or those US studying students. Being an MinNan person living in US, I feel ashamed to see this. So what if being a Taiker? So what if being a oversea student? We are all still human. I think some people who are affordable to travel to Asia in US should go to Taiwan, and pass down to them that he/she loves to dress Taiwanese-style clothes, and speak Taiwanese native language.
  8. I love to order games online. Let me xplain this first: when a game is produced, the factories will make many copies of it and so are plastic cases, then they will send those newly-packed games to retailers over states. I am just curious: when you order somethings in EB site, do they directly pick the games in their store shelves to pack and send to your house; or do they just make call to those industries I mentioned to send the game I ordered to my houses? I often see some paperbag-like boxes and so on sent to the GameStop store where I was shopping at, and I assume those boxes are just similar as the ones sent to my house, so just a hypothesis. Does that mean the games I ordered online will be as new as those sent to stores without some silly sellers wrapping them off to take peek?
  9. Who know PrimaGames co. and BradyGames co.? Comparing those two book publishers, why Brady has published more guides, more consumers love to buy their books? And why the guides their amount is not as many as Brady? Why I found out many books of Prima are out of order in their site? In your opinion, which of them you like purchase the most? I think Brady has a good quality, but Prima not bad at all.
  10. So we can use certain chemicals and organic matters to produce oil unlimitedly~~
  11. Oil is a limited element throughout the world. What if one day there is no more oil? Then we need to use something else to replace the boost for cars. Do you think electricity can do well on that? Is electricity limited or producible?
  12. By average, German citizens re pretty tall among most European, right?
  13. What a retard you are. are you playing with me? I am not in mood to play those kiddish games with you. Please discuss my topic formally.
  14. Are you kidding me? Are you saying they have over-strong arms?
  15. I don't know why. I have tried several years for making my shooting sharp, but it hardly works. I know, you have to aim a certain focus in mid-air in order to shoot the ball accurately into the basket. Everytime, when I tried to make my body fully depressed, I shot with currect pose, but the ball's shooting-in did not increase. I am wondering that the National Basketball Association must be using the ball which is lighter. I have strong arms, told by many people, but my arms just have troubles to handle the ball with correct currecy of energy. NBA players, they could even shoot the ball in mid-court. I find no logic how they could shoot the ball which gives heavy pressure to arms in currently order.
  16. We always feel waking up from sweet sleep is an impossible mission. Don't tell me to live and sleep regularily. Is there any drug that you just take and you will feel your energy so high while you are very into sweet dream?
  17. There are some packages of noodle sold in store that you can take to home to boil and cook and add some sauce to make it spaghetti. I felt that the one cooked by me is different to the stores'. The ones from stores have that kind of oily taste, so I assume they must use some kind of oil soup to boil their delicious-made spaghetti. Can you guys tell me how to cook spaghetti with the noodles feeling so oily and smelling? Do I just pour oil into the boiling soup when cooking it? And do I need to add some other materials to do?
  18. I heard in very ancient ancient human ecology, there are many who had 8 nipples, some around armpits (which is why our armpits tend to be snesitive--I guess), some around pubis and hip. Is that true? Also that some nowadays humen have three nipples, where does the third nipple grow at if so? and is it itchy as two previous nipps?
  19. I shopped at Frys and Circuit City, and I discovered they are selling robots in their stores. Today, I even saw the one with Raptor. What are those robots doing? What kind of benefits can we get buying them? I saw the mini-robot costs 19.99. not expensive. And the huge one is way expensive.
  20. When we are dizzy, like there is a pain in our mind, we take those medicine to relieve pain. When we are dizzy, the blood fill up the neuro veins of our brains, right? How do those medicine relase pain? They make the thickness of veins to let go blood?
  21. I think current games focus more on online interaction, which led to the storylines, and the graphics are not as eyes-catching as before. The time is getting latter, why couldn't they use some new-tech to make?
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