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  1. Sorry I will go ahead and respond. Sorry and the single proton or neutron could have meaningful entropy because a proton and neutron are not a single object. They are a construct of quarks and gluons so saying that they are a single entity is incorrect. The entropy could exist between the quarks and gluons. Time interacts as a dilation effect through Einstein's theory in regards to time dilation. As gravitational fields change of the velocity of the particle changes the effects of time change how it effects the particles. An example of this would be the atomic clocks on the gps satellites, the gravity is weaker so time dilation is effecting the ticks of decay of the atom. Isolated in time is essentially referring to a point of infinite energy or an infinitesimal of energy to get time to dilate to such an extreme that the seconds are infinitesimally near 0. And indeed photons have no "rest mass" however to say that they have energy is to give them mass. Einstein pointed out that energy and mass are interchangeable so in this case how would you say photons never have mass and yet are capable of carrying momentum?
  2. Utilizing modern discoveries in physics I would like to reintroduce modern science to the framework that we have recently completely avoided and that being Quantum Field Theory. Although rather than identifying these objects as field, rather identifying them as a higher dimensional state. An example of the concept is the stability of a neutron and proton inside of the nucleus of an atom. Without somehow being independent of time the neutron and proton should experience entropy. This is due to the second law of thermodynamics referring to all objects in a system will go towards disorder. But time would need to interact for them to go towards disorder so the stability of these particles could be due to their isolation in time. This would mean that the strong nuclear force is so powerful that it is capable of isolating the effects of time. My only hypothetical pathway for this to occur would be that the tiny particles manage to pack themselves together so tightly that they create a singularity in space time. This could also help explain how photons are capable of traveling through space/time given quantum field theory I believes gives photons mass. The acceleration of the particle to the speed of light could bend spacetime and this bending of space/time could result as the wavelike interactions that we see. This bending of space time can also explain the most recent experiment with the light gated double slit experiment. It was found that more particles made it through the gate than was theoretically possible and the bending of spacetime could explain that. This is due to them traveling faster in a field and their actual location is ahead of where we see it. Kind of similar to lag in games but on a much bigger scale. The concept of this being isolated in time could be demonstrated by the individual photon double slit experiment. This shows particles traveling in waves being linked in time as the photon shot in the future can effect the photon being shot now. This could also potentially show that gravity assists in the stability of space/time on earth. The idea kind of blends Quantum Field theory with string theory and straying off into the dimension of time. But it can help explain weird things such as entropy in atoms.
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