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  1. thank you very much guys. I forgot to mention that I am practicing writing algorithms by induction and that was one question the instructor gave us . After some tries I relied that the best way to write it recursively is to save the returned value and add the next returned to it by using a variable defined out side the function, but the problem was How could I make the first call for the function returns the value in that variable and make other calls return the square? I got some help from a friend and end up with this function int i,z,f; bool m=false; int sqr(int n) { int i,j=0; if(n>1) { if(!m) { z=n; m=true; } i=sqr(n-1)+n+n-1; f=f+i; if(n==z) return f; else return i; } else return f=1; } thank you very much, your posts were very helpful
  2. Hi I have tried to write program to calculate the sum of squares of number from 1 to n without using multiplication and it is supposed to be the efficient. I end up with this function that calculate the square of a number recursively and I made iterative function to calculate the sum of the squares but when it come to write the sum function recursively I could not do it. Take a look. c code for find the square int sqr(int n) { if(n>1) { return sqr(n-1)+n+n-1; } else return 1; } c code for the itritive sum square function int sumSqr(int n) { int i,j,f; for(i=1;i<=n;i++) { if(i==1) { j=1; f=j; } else { j=j+i+i-1; f=f+j; } } return f; } HOW TO WRITE SIMILER FUNCTION RECURSEVLY?
  3. sorry I forgate to tell you about:-p #include <stdlib.h>
  4. I think the best way is to put the following before return statement system("PAUSE");
  5. I wonder if there is only one programming language for all domains ,Should our lives, as programmers, been easier or difficult ?!
  6. thank you for your replays and great ideas. In fact the idea was to block some employees in a shop of brows internet except the website which they need to register the bill in. Then the idea to use it in home as well has came. In such situation what is the best idea?
  7. Hi I want to ask if there is a way to block users (cheldren) of windows XP from browsing the internet except one website?
  8. It seems I am the only one using JCreator here. Our university installed in there labs which make all studens use it and I think it is easy to use.
  9. LOGIC

    PHP help

    if there names like this "file1.txt,file2.txt,file3.txt...." and so on,you can use this simple code <? for($s=0;$s<100;$s++) { ?> <a href="/fictionall/file<?print $s; ?>.txt">File<?echo $s; ?>.txt</a> <? } ?>
  10. Finaly I did it but I don't understand what did tou mean by "101 times in 4 days"!! any way I solved it thanx wait a sec in level 4 I tried all possible architecture could work in debian os http://www.debian.org/ports/ but no correct answer !!
  11. I am not sure if we are talking about the same level because there is no thing about indians. Aal what I have "What is the local ip of this server?" and text filed to write the ip in!
  12. try to find the difference brtween level three and the other level. it is not in the source. I am stuck in novice level2 I realize that i sould send to the server asking about its ip but I don't know HOW and telnet doesn't work !! is ther any helpful tool?
  13. I finished apprentice thank of Kygron I passed level 9 using GetRight. thank of BigMoosie I passed level 10 using firefox webdeveloper's toolbar thank you guys
  14. I read alot about http protocol and understand it very well. going through my school proxy is the problem. I will try it later when I go to home . thank you very much calbiterol .
  15. ok it seems it works with CRT 4.0 but I get connection time out after few seconds. After writing GET /apprentice/level5aaa/lvlll9.php HTTP/1.0 Referer: http://adminsAtWus.com what should I do ?
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