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  1. 3. ask either guard which door he/she thinks the other guard will say leads to freedom.... take the opposite door assuming the guards know each other well.
  2. cut a regular piece of copy paper 25 times in half and stack them on top of each other. the height will exceed a mile
  3. What up with the guns you all? Do I have to dispaly my Daisy?
  4. True about the sailing histoy toya. Most of the brightest minds spent a lot of time improving travel, like today. However, the technological curve for development did increase recently in sight of all history. Flight is an example. Imagine if the Roaman’s or other succeeded in industrialization. I here they came close.
  5. Interesting. I also thought about using spire on a boat, but not feeling alone. I would suspect there will be/are attempts with some interesting outcomes. Battery technology has come a long way in the past decade, so has alternate energy engineering. To combine modern lightweight materials for a hull, with solar infused spires and massive efficient steeper batteries for ballast, along with flow through salt water chambers (improved McCabe) all a in corrosion free environment may one day exceed the efficiency of traditional sail boat.
  6. Did you know, after a year of training, my dog knows what i'm thinking sometimes. Did you know, after a year of training, my dog knows what i'm thinking sometimes.
  7. Good pondering. I believe the rate would be slower in spaghettification then that of time/light freedom because the energy consumed or expended in the spaghettification process.
  8. volatile is a human definition for earthligs - stp in front of us. "stable" chemistry/physics speaking, is different.
  9. Not sure how fast any plants grow in PR but you may be limited on time to see, or thwart any poisson interactions with growth. If plants should grow super fast then time lapse pictures would be helpful, now till then. Small concentrations of "Round up" in varying concentrations perhaps? We know what this is.
  10. Yes, would do the same, making sure ALL variables are in front of me to the best of our knowledge. Gosh, I must have nothing to do now.
  11. I tend to agree here, Yo! ...(Sorry alien just had to) Broad generalizations is the safety zone.
  12. Yes, it's like writing in quick slang sloppy English and sorry about that. You Scottish I should presume, not understanding, or want some thought?
  13. whoo.....WOW. Hold on.....dont you think you need to narrow the question dude. Maybe a little bit to start.
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