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  1. thanks for your valuable effort the mechanism seems to be correct. one thing i also wanted to know if u can clear my doubt, while drawing the resonating structures of chlorobenzene how can we show partial double bond character on chlorine though it cannot expand its octet?
  2. I am looking forward for the most plausible mechanism of the reaction between acid amide (derivative of carboxylic acid) and HNO2. although i know the general reaction ar written in my book ie. R-CONH2 + HNO2 == (HEAT) == >R-COOH + N2(evolved)+H2O mechanism would hel me identifying which kinds of acid amides and participate in such reactions.
  3. i am in high school and have just the preliminary knowledge of kinetics .I wanted to know in case of non uniform accelerated motion if velocity (in respect of time)is integrated to give displacement.if it turns out to be zero after solving.what is the method to find distance in such a case
  4. can please solve this although looks simple but i can't find my mistake An aircraft is flying at height of 3400m above the ground.If the angle subtended at a groung observation point by the aircraft positons 10secs apart is 30degrees ,what is the speed of the aircraft? tan30=10v\3400 well the ans i got is 196m/sec but actually the answer written is 182m/sec
  5. 21 men were employed to do a work in a cetain time.When 1/3rd of the time was completed only a quarter of work was done.How many more men should be employed to complete the work in 3/4th of the scheduled time. I got the answer as 11.(i am not sure)Can u help!! Jyoti
  6. Well Tejaswini , I hope u don't have read my question clearly. I Moreover , Its a forum where anyone can post about what she feels or wants to get it discussed. No matter, Koi Mil Gaya was really a nice movie and so is discovery channel , the programme "The amazing world of allen " Previously coming on Zee and much more stuff like that. Nothing to do with such programmes. Though meteorological department not have attended it, who knows what would happen the next day!! *I have not heard any voice to be true ( not just like in Koi Mil Gaya )!!
  7. Sorry for tuning in late but I have an answer to ur questions 1. Well You may be correct about the ordinary military jet but it cannot fly as near to the ground as I saw it. It is very difficult to not match it with a hot air balloon anyways. 2.Concerning its constant speed and the direction at night , there are 30% chances from my side to declare it as an UFO
  8. Well if it was an helicopter I must have heard some voice but there was no sound what so ever
  9. Well , there are very few chances that I can be right. I spotted an unidentified(according to me) object in the sky last night.It was 1. Flying very close to earth that I can easily view its design and structure. So It cannot be an aeroplane or rocket in a sense 2. Some may use illuminated kites, but it cannot be that because a total of three different lights were coming out of it .One red other green or yellow and the third was twinkling. 3.Moeover it was flying at a fairly constant speed I just wanted to know what are the speculations or statutory conditions to be declared it as an UFO and the other things for which I may have misinterpreted for it.
  10. jyoticlub


    please let me also know if you can
  11. To be Simple Heat is the amount of enegy in the body Temperature is the relative measure of heat energy
  12. can it be like this If 3/2hens give3/2eggs in aday the egg would be given by 1hen hens 14 eggs would be given by 14 hens Hence 13 hens are better
  13. Can it be done by making a wider line so as to cover the whole length of points in a single line!!!
  14. I cannot understand why 100:1 ==> 10:10 Can someone explain me
  15. 9 dots are arranged in the form of a square Without altering the arrangement , You have to draw 4 straight lines may be equal or unequal in length so as to touch all the points atleast once. Your 2nd line would start where the first line ends and so on The diagram is like this . . . . . . . . . Though i tried many times i was not able to find the answer. Hope you all help me
  16. I have heard of carbon-12 and carbon-14 but not carbon-13 Can you please help me.
  17. Though reactivity series has been taught to us from grade 6 , I found a problem not in learning but something else. The last metal was gold but I want to know why can't platinum be there at the bottom.Is it someyhing to do with its radioactivity , please reply me back Thanks
  18. Well i am participating in a show on education stress? I have too undergone such stress in my school days and i hpe i will gain much from it and help in my future. Thanks
  19. STRESS I have participated in a talk show whose topic is stress. PLease tell me the questions I can ask or suitable things to speak on stress there. I only have 2 days left.
  20. From the last two years , I have experienced that though most of my exams go well , I perform in patches. Mostly , the last two or three exams out of exhaustion do not go well In my view , it is because I am moody person or anything else. I just want you all to give me some sort of suggestions and help me out to preform better in academics. Thanks
  21. Well i want to know a couple of things of PHP Full form of PHP Why is it much preffered for web sites than perl and htm Can Turbo C and c++ can be used too ?
  22. Well , Thanks everybody for your efforts. I now should keep in mind to provide things i know before posting a new thread. Well the correct answer is 20cm. Thanks
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