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  1. This - ''Whilst it is conceivable that there could be an electron beam connection between the Earth and the Moon - like a giant cathode ray tube - I think that to well beyond our present technology. There is no natural process to achieve the same effect available, although we do receive natural charged particles from the Sun.''
  2. It doesn't , it travels from the Earth to the Moon across the vacuum . The vacuum of space does not conserve electrical charge , there is no vacuum impedance to prevent this happening . Only mass can conserve electrical charge . On the moon there is very little eletrical energy being produced unlike here on Earth . The Moon could be channelling Earths electrical energy and directing the oceans electrons towards the moons protons . There would be a narrow band of usefulness .
  3. Newtonian gravity is an attraction of masses and heat flow does not behave that way. Newton said every action has an opposite reaction and heat flows the opposite direction of gravity which is a reason to suggest a second type of gravity could possibably exist . A second type of gravity that dissipates heat could explain heats motion . You said hot to cold , there must be a mechanism that allows for this process ?
  4. In simple terms I am asking , slightly implying , if there exists a conductive link between the Moon and the Earth . What I mean by this , is that the Earths electrical energy is attracted to the moons conductance creating the coupling with Earth across the vacuum . ''On the “near” side of the Earth (the side facing the moon), the gravitational force of the moon pulls the ocean's waters toward it, creating one bulge. '' I suggest the waters Electrons are attracted to the moons conductivity creating the coupling and bulge .
  5. The thermal energy radiates 360 degrees outwards bound , a +ve vector . Gravity attracts things in a -ve vector manner . (-ve and +ve mean negative and positive respectively. They are often used in science laboratory notebook shorthand) ''Thermal energy does not only travel in the opposite direction of gravity'' I disagree with your statement based on centripetal versus centrifugal ! Hot → Cold is indeed very basic thermodynamics that doesn't explain any intricate details of how Hot → Cold occurs . Why not a second type of gravity Hot → Gravity 2 ? The difference in gravity one and gravity 2 is that gravity two is ''centrifugal'' a +ve vector from the source of heat .
  6. This is my last post of the day being a first time user of this forum unless the mods wants to hit the unlock button ! Imagine we have a single Proton and this Proton is without an electron . This Proton neither has an electrical charge . Now imagine this Proton has the ability by conductance to conserve an amount of electrical charge equal and proportional to its own dimensions . The conserved electrical charge would become electrically neutral , neutralised by the Proton . This elementary charge could be viewed as an Electron ? Different dimensions of Protons would have more or less Electrons creating different elements of the periodic table . (Dialectric particles perhaps) .
  7. Is that even an answer ? What do you mean by this ? I have a cup of coffee infront of me , the thermal energy temporally conserved by the liquid and cup will eventually dissipate into the space . Please explain what force does the work in this process ? Gravity is an attractive force and thermal energy travels the opposite direction to gravity , outward bound ! Electromagnetic interaction ? Interaction with what ?
  8. Does there exist an ''electrical circuit'' between the Earth and Moon ? This question being based on conductance !
  9. In the present atomic model the atom consists of components but could the electron just be an elementary particles conservation of charge ?
  10. Gravity keeps our feet firmly on the ground but what force causes thermal energy and light to travel through space ? Is it a second type of gravity ?
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