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  1. I think there's a misunderstanding of what I'm trying to say.. let's say you're looking at your keyboard.. look at the letter q.. light from the q is hitting all the parts of your eye like where ypu see w,e r and t and not just where you see the q because we can see q from every angle thus telling us this but how come we only see q where the q is and not where the other letters are if light is coming from the q hitting all parts where you see.. does this make more sense?
  2. Let's say you point a laser at your eyeball.. you end up seeing where the laser is in terms of location and not seeing it where the laser hits your eye. Does this make sense? Imagine you had a blue flashlight that shined on your eye.. it hits all parts of your eye so shouldn't you see the blue taking up your whole field of vision and not justthe small area where you would see it since it's hitting all parts of your eye? This goes with looking at all objects.. if we really see because of light rays shining off objects and hitting our eyes.. this is weird to me is it weird to everyone else? I hope I'm explaining this correctly and you understand what I'm trying to say!
  3. Let's say I say to you.. bumbilrorg.. I could say this to you a million times but you'd never know what it means.. so how in tarnation did we end up knowing our first languages words meanings?? Does this prove that we were made to know our language and possibly other things? Someone explain this to me please!
  4. Not sure where this goes but here we go... So light bounces off every object going in every direction hits parts of your eye where you don't see the object.. look at something and all around that something light should be hitting your eye thus causing you to see that color everywhere.. include all objects and we should see a bunch of colors everywhere and not individual objects, right? Also with this how do cameras work if color from every object is going in every direction hitting all parts of the lense? A camera shouldn't work and shouldn't of been able to be built based on all this, correct? See what I'm getting at? This is like a omg moment... also how come you can stand in front of a mirror and light would be getting images smaller as hey traveled to your eye but put another mirror where you stand and the light doesn't travel smaller but at basically the same size.. does this make sense? Isn't this weird? Doesn't this all prove something else about life that we should share with other people? Thoughts please..
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