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  1. Hello, Generaly a subgenus is a delineation more specific than Genus and section is a delineation more specific than subgenus. My question is can the classification of sections be used without the implementation of a subgenus and why? Thanks!
  2. Thank you, this has been somewhat helpful. Hybrid species in some of these examples may be sterile like a donkey that would explain why complete integration does not occur or hybrids are only found in small specific areas. I am looking into some fungi were "separate" species are showing 98-100% similarity. With a single species there is deviation`2%. Also, mushrooms of the same Genus are showing genetic similarity of 90-100%. It seams like a 100% match for two separate species would indicate they are synonymous, is there any exceptions to this. 2% difference for two samples of the same species seams large to me, is that the case? Also, two species in the same Genus being 10% different seams like a big difference, is this normal? Thanks again!
  3. Hello, I was wondering how close genetically can two organisms be related and still be considered different species? How different can tow organisms be and be considered the same species? How close genetically can two organisms be and be considered different Genera? How different can two organisms be and be considered same Genus? I am wondering in regards to basidiomycetes fungi specifically. Thanks!
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