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  1. Yeah, my college decided to have us prepare a year earlier for the project cause apparently prevois years didn't do well in the preparing stage, so they got lower grades overall I sorta wanted to plan exactly what to do after i finish Huffman's though.
  2. In March 2024, I'm going to have to create a programming project as apart of my computer science Alevel, which I'm aiming to replicate the Huffman's algorithm (which is a type of lossless data compression) in C# so that it is a functional app that can be used. However, I want to expand on this with other types of algorithms that seem complex enough to add to this project and that are also related to compression (can be lossy or lossless) which I could replicate in C#. I asked my teacher for examples and they suggested a form of run length encoding. I am also planning to add it in but I want to ask for more examples for algorithms that I could have as an option to compress. Any suggestions?
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