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  1. Are spent fuel rods cooling pools discharging radioactive water (tritium) into the environment? Since the spent fuel rods can still meltdown after 10 years in the cooling pools if the water is removed. “They point to a 2003 research paper that was coauthored by Macfarlane when she was a Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher. That paper warned that if the cooling water were to leak out of a damaged storage pool, a fire would result, causing radioactivity to be released that could rival that from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster in Ukraine.” (J. Johnson). --------------------------------------------------------------- “Ten years after removal of spent fuel from a reactor, the radiation dose 1 meter away from a typical spent fuel assembly exceeds 20,000 rems per hour. A dose of 5,000 rems would be expected to cause immediate incapacitation and death within one week.” (NRC, 2002). Nuclear Regulatory Commission. NUREG/BR-0216, Rev. 2. May 2002.
  2. Could climate change be caused by the heat water (thermodynamics pollution) discharged by once-through cooled natural gas, coal and nuclear power plants that heated water is disrupting the ocean currents similar to the water pump in a car malfunctioning? Experimentally, increasing the 400 ppm CO2 (.04%) in a small glass greenhouse to 3,000 ppm (.3%) does not increase the temperature differential yet one would expect a 13° F temperature differential at the upper 3,000 ppm CO2 concentration. In the last 100 years, the atmospheric co2 has increased by 200 ppm which would result in a 1° F increase in the glass greenhouse for every 200 ppm increase in the co2 level; consequently, a 3,000 ppm co2 level in the glass greenhouse would result in a (3,000 ppm / 200 ppm) = 15° F increase in the temperature differential but the result was negative. Does the negative result of the glass greenhouse experiment prove that climate change is not caused by greenhouse gases?
  3. If the stars of the constellations are stationary, then is the Sun also stationary. How can the Sun be in motion, if the stars of the constellations are fixed ("fixed stars").
  4. How can electrons of a circuit accelerate the LHC protons to the velocity of .99c when the max velocity of an electron is 10^6 m/s.
  5. How can an expanding electromagnetic field be used to represent a particle structure of a photon?
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