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  1. Hello! I wasn´t raised religious but i am very open to everything. On my high school i often hear other students making fun of people convinced of the big bang and evolution theory. The big bang theory came from an catholic and its not like the theories are made up. They are based on years of research (both theory and practise) and advances in technology. I just dont understand how scientifically proven facts dont fit into their concepts of world. It is just like in middle age when they didnt believe the earth is the center of the universe.
  2. My question: in the schrodinger cat experiment it only reveals us if the cat is dead or alive if we open the box and it interacts with our eyes. But the cat in the box has eyes too. Does that not matter if there is no light which can interact with the quantum object (the atom) and the eyes anyway? If i understood something wrong, could somebody please explain what interaction in that experiment matters.
  3. Hello! The most of the living population of our planet can observe light and colors, right? But what was light before there was life in the universe? How can we look on the earlier universe when you couldnt feel, look or hear anything. Is it just like it was waiting till life would be created, or is it more complex than that and like the infinity just inconceivable for us?
  4. Hello! So i have a question: The universe is expanding, meaning objects not close to eachother are moving away (making more space). Gravitivity of objects like the sun, never disappear in the universe. But at some space their attraction is barely perceptible. So if some time, every galaxy is so much away from each other, nothing pulls eachother anymore (there are only objects standing around in space). Would that mean the universe had no stability anymore? So will the universe colapse at some point? I´m not very educated in physics yet, so could somebody correct this assumption?
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