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  1. I am stuck on a question concerning a square root prove. Here it is: Give an example to show that sqrt{a^(2)} is not equal to a. Use it to explain why sqrt{a^(2)} = | a |.
  2. I say the truth shall set you free. Believe what you think is right for you. Your username is familiar to me. Believe what you think is right for you. I will post the evidence this weekend. It's sad to know that so many intelligent people believe that Republicans are the main cause of evil. Both parties cannot be trusted. I am completely vaccinated but only because my job security was threatened. I concur. Politics is evil. You are seriously blind and your path leads to death and destruction. Thank you all for your replies. I will reply to all when time allows.
  3. There's nothing wrong with hoping for a resurrection from the dead. I cannot go through life looking for gloom and doom situations. The promises made by God in the Bible for the future will be accomplished just like so many others that have taken place throughout the course of man.
  4. Thank you. A much better reply.
  5. It's funny how much people have forgotten that baseball is just a game and that players don't care about their fans. If suddenly you find yourself in a real tight situation in life, do you honestly believe that Aaron Judge will come to the rescue? I like baseball and respect talented people but that's about it. Aaron Judge was offered 300 million for 8 years and said no. He's going to be 31. Not enough cash, Aaron? So, leave the Yankees. I don't care.
  6. I am not startled the China virus. This is nothing new to me. Bill Gates, who is very passionate about world depopulation, spoke clearly to a large audience in 2013 about the coming killer virus. He knew about COVID-19 then and the aftermath of vaccines and boosters. By the way, I am not a fan of Bill Gates, George Soros and other billionaires who are selfishly thinking about reducing population for their own sick and perverted pleasure.
  7. Jesus will not condemn anyone by looking at a list of bad things done here. We will be accepted or rejected entrance into heaven based on our decision to repent and follow Him. If we were judged by God based on the bad things we do and the bad thoughts that daily cross our minds, no one gets into the paradise of God. We can take that to the bank.
  8. Young, strong, energetic people dropping like flies. This is happening all over the world not just in the United States but people refuse to believe the fact that COVID-19 vaccines are dangerous. This has to be the most wet behind the ears generation of people in the history of mankind. The democrats are counting on us to get dumber and dumber by the minute. It's very easy to brainwash and control people who are not well-informed. You say?
  9. Ok. I get it now. Thanks but I am not trying to get technical here. I am simply reviewing material learned long ago. In fact, I think there are video clips on YouTube that explain this concept without using too much mathematical jargon.
  10. Let me see. You are saying that, for example, a^0 is the same as (a^1)/a = a/a = 1. How do you go from (a^1)/a to a/a? Here is my logic considering the fact that the numerator and denominator have the same base a. I understand that any variable has a power of 1. Yes? For example: x = x^1, y = y^1, z = z^1, etc. Back to my example. (a^1)/a = a^(1 - 1) = a^0 = 1. The jump from a^0 = 1 is not clear for me.
  11. Sorry but I don't understand your descending powers in the denominator for each fraction. For example, you said (a^3) = (a^4)/(a•a^2). Can you further explain your work here?
  12. Let a = any integer Why does a^(1) = a?
  13. Let me begin by saying that I am doing a self-study of college algebra. I love mathematics. I regret not majoring in math back in my student days. With that said, I hope this forum will allow me to post questions that I get stuck with in my review of college algebra. Let a = any integer. Why does a^(0) = 1?
  14. In the Bible, we read about two future resurrections: A. Resurrection of the saved. This happens when the rapture of the church takes place. B. Resurrection of the lost. This happens after the one thousand year reign of Christ on Earth. According to the Bible, Jesus resurrected several people from the dead. When Jesus died on the cross, we read in Matthew that many who were dead and buried came out of their tombs. Jesus Himself was resurrected after three days in the tomb. However, no one in our lifetime has come back to life after burial not to mention cremation. I am not doubting the power of God to do anything He desires. Cemeteries around the world are a reminder to the living that we too shall be buried or cremated depending on personal choice. Two Questions: 1. Do you think there will ever be a resurrection of the dead? This, of course, is a supernatural event. 2. If you don't believe that such an event will ever take place, what is your reason for rejecting this Christian claim of the resurrection of the dead from graves around the globe?
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