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  1. Hello al! I wonder how to calculate amount of dew in the morning per unit area. set the temperature go down 20c from 40c and unit area is 1m square. I hope some one explain the formula for this! thank you!
  2. Thank you for replying [exchemist] I thought it can be depend on capacity cause engines are usually heavy in high performance. Thank you so much I really appreciated it!! I hope you have a good day👍
  3. Thank you for replying! Then What I need more?
  4. Hello geniuses, this is Innocent Muggle who don't know about science and math. However, NEED ALL YOUR HELP!!! Here is question, 1. If battery capacity is 87kWh and max power is 430kW, can you calculate the weight? it's lithium ion battery pouch cell pack for car!
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