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  1. You're right I realize now my original question is stupid. Pure ATP exists which you can directly ingest. What if this magical device could process organic inputs like glucose or cellulose and store it as ATP for later direct ingestion.
  2. Haha, sorry just search galactosedestroyer on the forums and you'll see The fun part is, you never really know whether or not I'm pitching the idea next Friday mwhahahahaha btw what if blood vessels were replaced with cybernetic tubes that could carry these particles faster-hmmm still trying to figure out how it could really work I'm just imagining infinite running without ever running out of breath The fun thing to calculate would be the amount of energy if you could control the electrochemical gradient in the intermembrane space galactosedestroyer
  3. Hi all! I'm back with another pressing question. Assuming you could store hydrogen ions in a stable state in a backpack and pump them directly into the inter-membrane space of a mitochondria could you theoretically convert ADP to ATP using just the oxidative phosphorylation stage of aerobic respiration. If so, how helpful would it be to have an external oxygen collector which pumps oxygen gas to the mitochondrial matrix to match the amount of hydrogen ions? Could you also have out tubes for carbon dioxide? How well would it work? Could it be realistically possible without my previous assumption. I'm pitching this idea to some investors next Friday so I'd like to know by then, I might even consider giving you a cut if all works out. Thanks, galactosedestroyer
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